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Phased array radar AN TPS-59.jpg
Primary function Air search radar
Mass 20,000 kg
Primary User United States Marine Corps
Number of Units 12 (Version 3)
Unit Cost Approx. $50 Million USD
Time of service entry 1980s
Maximum range 740 km (400 nmi)
( AN/TPS-59(V)3 )
Maximum detection altitude 500,000 ft (152,400 m)
( AN/TPS-59(V)3 )

The AN/TPS-59 is an active electronically scanned array, transportable air search 3D radar.

The radar uses active beam steering in elevation and mechanical steering in azimuth.

It is similar to the AN/FPS-117.

GE-592 radar[edit]

The Lockheed Martin GE-592 radar is a version of the US Marine Corps AN/TPS-59 which is very similar to the AN/FPS-117.


The AN/TPS-59 is used by the United States Marine Corps, Egypt, and Bahrain. The United States Marine Corps currently uses AN/TPS-59 Version 3. It has seen action in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, and has deployed to the Republic of Korea.

The GE-592 is used by Taiwan.

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