GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy

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GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy
Industry Nuclear power
Founded June 2007; 10 years ago (2007-06)
Headquarters Wilmington, N.C., U.S.
Area served
Key people
Jay Wileman (President and CEO)
Number of employees
Parent General Electric

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) is a provider of advanced reactors and nuclear services. It is located in Wilmington, N.C.. Established in June 2007, GEH is a global nuclear alliance created by General Electric and Hitachi. In Japan, the alliance is Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd.[1] In November 2015, Jay Wileman was appointed CEO.[2]


  • 1955: Atomic Power Equipment Department established by GE
  • 1957: GE's first privately financed nuclear power reactor provides electricity for commercial use in Vallecitos, California
  • 1960s: BWR 1 and 2 constructed and begin operation
  • 1970s: BWR 2 through 4 constructed and begin operation
  • 1980s: BWR 5 and 6 constructed and begin operation
  • 1997: ABWR design certified by the NRC
  • 2005: ESBWR design certification filed by NRC
  • 2014: ESBWR design certified by NRC


The Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) is the world's first operational Generation III Class advanced light water reactor design. The NRC has docketed GEH's petition for renewal of ABWR certification.[3] The Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR), the Generation III+ Class design reactor, received a positive final safety evaluation report and final design approval in March 2011, and is expected to receive a license from the NRC by September 2011.[4][5]

GEH's Power Reactor Innovative Small Modular (PRISM) is a Generation IV reactor that uses liquid sodium as a coolant.

Nuclear services[edit]

As nuclear plants get older and worldwide demand for energy increases, GEH offers a wide range of valuable services that can improve performance, increase power output, and extend plant life.

Fuel services[edit]

GEH’s fuel cycle business supplies reliable fuel products and services to customers around the world. GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy owns the Morris Operation--the only de facto high-level radioactive waste storage site in the United States.