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GEMS World Academy (Singapore)
Logo of GEMS World Academy (Singapore), an international school in Singapore.png
Singapore's International School for Global Student (Pre-K to Grade 12)
2 Yishun Street 42
Singapore 768039
in Yishun area

School typePrivate International School
FounderSunny Varkey
School number6808 7300
PrincipalHead of School: Richard Henry/ Secondary Years Principal: Jan Stipek/ Primary Years Principal: Neil White
EnrolmentOpen throughout the year
Education systemIGCSE, International Baccalaureate
Classes offeredPre-K to Grade 12
AccreditationEduTrust Singapore
School fees$9,000-$33,000 a year, depending on age and grade

GEMS World Academy (Singapore) [GEMS新加坡国际学校], is an International School[1] in Singapore that is owned by GEMS Education. The school offers Early Years, Primary Years and Secondary Years education. Early Years are from Pre-K to K2 (Age 3-5), Primary Years are from Grade 1 to Grade 5 (Age 6-10) while Secondary Years are from Grade 6 to Grade 12 (Age 11-17).

GEMS (Singapore) is one of the few IB World Schools in Singapore to offer all four International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes; Primary Years (PYP), Middle Years (MYP) Diploma (DP) and Career-related (CP) programmes. As a certified Cambridge International School, Grade 10 students can elect to sit and obtain a qualification through the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).


Founded in 1959, GEMS Education expanded into Singapore market and opened its new IB school, GEMS World Academy (Singapore) on September 2014, commencing from Pre-K to Grade 8. In 2015, it expanded to include Grades 9 and 10. In 2016, it added Grade 11 and in 2017, it became a full Pre-K to Grade 12 international school for the 2017 academic year.

Teacher-Student Ratio[edit]

  • Pre-K: 2:16
  • K1 & K2: 2:16
  • Grade 1 to 5: 2:24
  • Grade 6 to 11: 1:24

Average class size: 20 students. Only international school in Singapore with 2 teachers for each of its early years and primary years class.[2]

Students Profile[edit]

American, British, Australasian, Indian, French, Japanese, Korean and more than 60 other nationalities. There is no dominant nationality or ethnic group and the largest nationality only represents 15% of the overall student population.[3]


Its educators come from over 20 different countries. On average they have over 15 years of International School teaching experience.[4] Almost half of their teachers hold a master's degree or above.[5] In 2016, the school appointed Jan Stipek, a senior leader from the International Baccalaureate Organization, as their Secondary Years Principal.[6]


The S$213 million,[7] five-hectare campus[8] in Yishun has facilities such as a 750-seater Auditorium, All-weather playing field, 50-metre Olympic-sized swimming pool with eight lanes,[9] Early years swimming pool, Sports hall with rock-climbing wall, Main Library, Grand lobby, Covered indoor play spaces[10] and Parents' cafe.[11]

Secondary Years (Grade 6 to 12)[edit]

GEMS Singapore secondary years' students undertake International Baccalaureate (IB) certified study in the Middle Years (MYP) and Diploma Programmes (DP).

Additionally, as a certified Cambridge International School, its Grade 9 and 10 students are required to obtain a second international qualification through the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). This externally examined programme of study greatly enhances its Secondary Years programme, and ensures that students are being provided with extensive, globally recognised pathways.[12]

Middle Years[edit]

Middle years start from Grade 6 to Grade 10. At the end of Grade 10, students are required to sit for IGCSE certification in the subjects they have studied.

Courses Offered[edit]

  • MYP Language and Literature (IGCSE English 1st Language/IGCSE English Lit.)
  • MYP Language Acquisition in French, Spanish or Mandarin (IGCSE 2nd Language)
  • MYP Individuals and Societies (IGCSE History)
  • MYP Sciences (IGCSE Science - Combined)
  • MYP Arts in Drama, Music or Visual Arts (IGCSE Music, Drama, Art)
  • MYP Design (IGCSE Design)
  • MYP Mathematics (IGCSE Mathematics)
  • MYP Physical & Health Education (IGCSE PE)

Balanced Curriculum

GEMS Singapore values every subject equally meaning students are required to study every subject equally, Every week G9 and 10 students study 3/2:45 hours (45 min lessons on Fridays) hours of each topic including PE, English, Design, Etc...

IB Diploma Programmes[edit]

It is for grade 11 to 12 students. The IB Programmes at GEMS Singapore provide students with extrinsic motivational tools.

Courses Offered[edit]

  • Language A English Literature (Standard Level (SL), Higher Level (HL))
  • Language B English (SL/HL)
  • Language A Chinese Literature (SL/HL)
  • Language B French, Spanish, Chinese (Ab Initio, SL/HL)
  • History (SL/HL)
  • Business and Management (SL/HL)
  • Economics (SL/HL)
  • Environmental Systems and Societies (SL)
  • Psychology (SL/HL)
  • Chemistry (SL/HL)
  • Physics (SL/HL)
  • Biology (SL/HL)
  • Mathematics (SL/HL)
  • Mathematical Studies (SL)
  • Visual Arts (SL/HL)[13]

Arts Programme[edit]

Every student at GEMS Singapore must be involved in the Arts programme, covering the domains of visual arts, music and drama.[14]


Early Years Students receive guided music learning provided by a specialist teacher each week. All students in Grade 1-5 are provided with either a violin or cello, with each student involved in an instrumental string programme.

In Grades 6 to 8, students have one lesson of Music each week (they also have one lesson each of Drama and Visual Art). In Grades 9 & 10 students choose one subject from the Arts (Music, Visual Art or Drama) and follow this choice over the two years with 3 lessons each week.[15]

Sports Programme[edit]

Early Years (Pre-K, K1 and K2) Students have one PE and swimming lesson a week inside their all-weather learner pool. It then increases to three lessons a week for its primary years (Grade 1 to 5) covering a range of individual and team-based sports including gymnastics, football, basketball, swimming, water polo, dance, softball, badminton, touch rugby, etc.[16]

Swimming is compulsory for all students from Pre-K through Grade 5 (Early Years and Primary Years), and every student has Swimming class once a week,. Secondary Years students in Grade 6 and above have Swimming once or twice during the school year as part of their Physical Education curriculum. .[17]

Language Programme[edit]

The World Language Programme focuses on four key components.[18] They are:

  • English Language for Academics: Focuses across the subjects upon strong spoken and written English Language development
  • Foreign Language Learning: Provides daily classes Pre-K to Grade 10 by specialist Mandarin Teacher.[19] Student can undertake daily classes in Spanish or French from Grade 1 onwards.
  • English Support Programme (ESP): For international students who have limited experience with the English language; focuses upon functional language development across listening, speaking and writing
  • After School Mother Tongue Classes: Includes French, Mandarin, Dutch and Japanese from Grade 1 to Grade 10.


  • Cambridge International School
  • International Baccalaureate (PYP/MYP/DP)
  • 4-year EduTrust [20]
  • Committee for Private Education [21]
  • Council of International Schools [22]
  • Leading International School in Singapore[23]


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