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The GE AN/GPA-73 Radar Course Directing Group[1] (mobile version AN/CPA-73)[2] was a US Cold War air defense command, control, and coordination system developed for the Electronic Systems Division 412L Air Weapons Control System (colloq. "AWCS 412L")[3] for weapons direction (ground-controlled interception, GCI, by "Fire Direction and Control Equipment").[4]:29 The AN/GPA-73 was used to create a "Base Air Defense Ground Environment" (BADGE II), for which Air Defense Command had recommended the system as "SAGE back-up (Mode Ill) control of BOMARC" in June 1958.[5] When the GPA-73 was emplaced with the AN/FSA-21 Weapons Control Group computer for GCI, the system created a "miniature SAGE" military installation.[6] The GPA-73 could also direct Project Nike surface-to-air missile fire from Nike Integrated Fire Control sites equipped with the "412 Target Designation System" in the Battery Control Van in a space allocated by February 1957 "behind the Acquition Operator [sic]".[7] and the AN/GPA-73.

The 412L Joint Test Force was located at Myrtle Beach Air Force Base in 1963,[3] testing revealed fragility that limited the unit to fixed emplacements, and "Tactical Air Command subsequently rejected the GPA-73 as part of its mobility forces."[2] The 412L equipment supported "Det 1, 17th Air Force [in] the Allied Sector Operations Center III at Börfink", Germany, which had a nuclear bunker where on July 2, 1975, the 615th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron temporarily stopped 412L operations [for] Constant Keystone modification."[2] Sites with the AN/GPA-73 planned for the Alaska Semi-Automatic Defense System (ALSADS) were cancelled on January 26, 1960,[4]:49 and the last "operational 412L equipment" was used by USAFE in Germany [2]

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diagram with images of equipment


The GPA-73 included the following equipment (quantity in parenthesis):[3]

  • AN/GKA-10 & AN/GKA-11 Converter Groups (RCA)
  • AN/GKA-13 Monitor Transmitter Group (RCA)
  • AN/GKA-12 Receiver Group (General Electric Company — Defense Systems Department)
  • Data Processing and Display Subsystem
    • AN/FSA-12 Detector-Tracker Group, Radar
      • OA-3253 Track Data Processor
      • OA-3254 Tracker Auxiliary Unit
      • OA-3255 Digital Tracker
      • OA-3263 Radar Detector
      • OA-1723 Surveillance-Identification Group
      • OA-3102 Surveillance Console
      • OA-3103 Identification Console
      • OA-3217 Radar Data Processor
      • OA-3219 Surveillance-ID Data Converter
    • OA-1724 Site-to-Site Data Link Group
      • OA-3104 Data Link Central
      • OA-3252 Battery Data Link
      • OA-3327 Message Processor
      • OA-3329 Coordinate Converter
    • OA-1718 Height Data Group
      • OA-3208 Height Data Display Converter
      • OA-3209 Height Data Programmer
      • OA-3403 Height Data Console [from "MPS-14 radar"]
      • OA-3403 Height Data Console [from "MPS-16 radar"]
    • OA-3216 Status Display Group
    • OA-3233 Situation Projection Group
  • AN/FSA-21 Weapons Control Group
    • OA-3161 Data Storage Unit
    • OA-3162 Digital Computer
    • OA-3179 (3) Weapons Display Converter
    • OA-3183 (4) Weapons Control Console
    • OA-3180 Computer Auxiliary Unit
    • OA-3210 Ground-to-Air Coupler
    • OA-3264 (2) Core Memory
    • OA-3436 Tape Transport Unit
  • AN/FSA-23 Jammer Tracker Group
    • OA-3223 Azimuth Tracker
    • OA-3224 (2) Jammer Tracker Console
    • OA-3227 Jammer Tracker Display Converter
  • OA-3232 Performance Monitor Group
    • OA-3237 Performance Monitor Console
    • OA-3393 Confidence Indicator Console
    • OA-3422 Performance Monitor Display Converter
    • ID-936 Site Equipment Status Display
    • (Portable) Trouble Analyzer
  • Prime Power Group
    • Power Supply Sets
    • OA-3169 (4) Data Processing Power Supply
  • Communication Subsystem
    • OA-3261 Crosstell Input Group
    • Electronic Switching Center
  • Flight Control Package
    • Subscriber Sets
    • AN/TRC-24
    • R-278
    • R-361
    • T-217
    • BC-639
    • AN/FGC-25
    • AN/FGC-20
  • Ancillary Subsystem
    • Temperature Control Group
  • Data Acquisition Subsystem
    • AN/FSA-31 Radar Signal Processor
    • OA-3247 Comparator
    • OA-3250 Integrator


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