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GE Inspira
Category sans-serif
Designer(s) Michael Abbink
Commissioned by General Electric
Foundry Wolff Olins
GE Inspira sample text

GE Inspira is a typeface developed by Michael Abbink, Patrick Giasson, Carl Crossgrove and Jim Wasco around 2002 for the new visual identity system of the General Electric Company. Since it is a proprietary typeface of GE, not much is known about it. According to the GE Brand Manual, the typeface is at the forefront of GE's brand expression and is recognized as being "Clear, Precise, and Modern". The typeface comes in four styles, GE Inspira Book, GE Inspira Regular, GE Inspira Pitch, and GE Inspira Small Caps.

Differences within the Inspira font family[edit]

As noted above, GE Inspira comes in four styles: GE Inspira Book, GE Inspira Regular, GE Inspira Pitch, and GE Inspira Small Caps. There are some major differences between these fonts, and while GE Inspira Book and GE Inspira Regular are similar in many ways, their "a"s are the most significant difference between the two. GE Inspira Book was created, as the name hints, in order to provide clear, readable text for small-texted literature, like the company's Annual Report. Finally, GE Inspira Pitch is a somewhat bolder version, designed for use in on-screen or projected presentations.

Inspira as.gif


GE Inspira is available for download from GE Brand Central, but it requires a GE single sign-on account, which requires employment at General Electric or employment as a contractor for General Electric.

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