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Protein GGA2 PDB 1mhq.png
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Aliases GGA2, VEAR, golgi associated, gamma adaptin ear containing, ARF binding protein 2
External IDs MGI: 1921355 HomoloGene: 22860 GeneCards: GGA2
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Species Human Mouse
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Location (UCSC) Chr 16: 23.46 – 23.52 Mb Chr 7: 121.99 – 122.02 Mb
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ADP-ribosylation factor-binding protein GGA2 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the GGA2 gene.[3][4][5]


This gene encodes a member of the Golgi-localized, gamma adaptin ear-containing, ARF-binding (GGA) family. This family includes ubiquitous coat proteins that regulate the trafficking of proteins between the trans-Golgi network and the lysosome. These proteins share an amino-terminal VHS domain which mediates sorting of the mannose 6-phosphate receptors at the trans-Golgi network. They also contain a carboxy-terminal region with homology to the ear domain of gamma-adaptins. This family member may play a significant role in cargo molecules regulation and clathrin-coated vesicle assembly.[5]


GGA2 has been shown to interact with RABEP1,[6] Sortilin 1,[7][8] BACE2[9] and CLINT1.[10][11]


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