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GG Bond
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin

GG Bond (simplified Chinese: 猪猪侠; traditional Chinese: 豬豬俠) is a Chinese animated TV series created by Zhibin GU, a member of the China Animation Association, and CEO of Guang Dong Winsing Company Limited. A film series based on the TV series has currently four films: GG Bond Hatching (2012),[1] GG Bond 2 (2014), GG Bond Movie: Ultimate Battle (2015) and GG Bond: Guarding (2017).[2]


The series is about the titular character, an intelligent and mischievous pig named G.G. Bond (猪猪侠, meaning "Pig Hero") born with superpowers. He is an orphan under the care and custody of Dr. Mihu, his teacher who enjoys inventing different gadgets. The series began in 2005 and has aired for five seasons (160 episodes) in 3D computer-generated animation. The production company has distributed one season of episodes yearly since 2005. Although the stories in different seasons are not directly related, they are all about the main character, G.G. Bond.

A majority of G.G. Bond episodes are comedies with moral lessons regarding values such as courage, friendship, harmony, integrity, perseverance, and respect for elders. Several noteworthy environmental issues are also often discussed, including homeless animals, environmental damage, deforestation, and pollution.


  • G.G. Bond: GG Bond was a martial artist pig in a prehistoric world where resources are strained by overpopulation. At the cost of his own life, he entrusted a powerful "Magic Wisdom Ball" to Wang Xiaoer that could be used to save the environment. Wang Xiaoer instead used the ball for his own gain. When G.G. Bond is reincarnated and sees what Wang Xiaoer has done, he knows it is up to him to fix the problem, no matter what Wang Xiaoer tries to do to stop him.
  • G.G. Bond II Martial Arts 2008: Primary school student G.G. Bond is dragged back in time to the competitive islander of Olympus. His only hope to return is to recover the "Keyinuoer” diamond from the dragon who guards it at the peak of Bright Mountain. He can only do this if he wins the island's athletic competitions. He has the power of a super lollipop which enhances his athletic abilities for only a few minutes, but must face up against sports genius Super Qiang if he hopes to ever go home.
  • G.G. Bond's Adventure in the Future: This time, G.G. Bond is sent to 2080 to find a world divided, where the poor live on a lower, polluted level. He finds that his primary school, Parents' Hope School, is about to be taken over by a competitor, Super Technology School. To defend against this, he must win sports competitions to raise funds.
  • GG Bond Fairy Tales of the Brick Kingdom: When GG Bond's grandfather, EE Bond, tries to save the dinosaur from extinction by traveling back 60 million years, he accidentally winds up in the Brick Kingdom, a fairy tale world built by blocks, along with half of the rest of the city. Since they cannot leave, they slowly transform the world with technology like their own. His grandson, GG Bond, follows in his grandfather's footsteps as an Assembler, somebody who can build the blocks of the Brick Kingdom into anything. He uses these skills to fight evil.
  • GG Bond: Rescue Crew Comes (2012)
  • GG Bond: Monster Hero (2013)
  • GG Bond: Kung Fu Team (2014)
  • GG Bond: Shapeshifting Union (2015)

Reception and awards[edit]

  • Winner of "Domestic Animation Golden Award" of the 17th Shanghai TV Festival.[3]
  • Nominated for the 2009 "Best Domestic Animation" at Shanghai TV Festival.[4]
  • Winner of the 2009 KAKU Annual "Best Animated Series" as reported by Beijing Review.[5]
  • GG Bond character listed as one of China’s "Top 10 Animation Characters" of 2010 by China Toy Trade.[6]


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