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GG Bond
Created byGu Zhibin
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of seasons14
Production company(s)Guang Dong Winsing Company Limited
DistributorCraneKahn LLC (2017-2019)
Kidtagious Entertainment (current) (Worldwide rights excluding Asia)

GG Bond (simplified Chinese: 猪猪侠; traditional Chinese: 豬豬俠) is a 3D Chinese animated TV series created by Zhibin Gu a.k.a. Ben Gu, a member of the China Animation Association, and CEO of Guang Dong Winsing Company Limited. A film series based on the TV series has currently four films: GG Bond Hatching (2012),[1] GG Bond 2 (2014), GG Bond Movie: Ultimate Battle (2015) and GG Bond: Guarding (2017).[2]


The series is about the titular character, an intelligent and mischievous pig named GG Bond (猪猪侠, meaning "Pig Hero" in Chinese) born with superpowers.[3] He is an orphan under the care and custody of Dr. Mihoo, his teacher who enjoys inventing different gadgets. The series began in 2005 and has aired for 14 seasons in 3D computer-generated animation.[3] The production company has distributed one season of episodes yearly since 2005. Although the stories in different seasons are not directly related, they are all about the main character, GG Bond.

A majority of GG Bond episodes are comedies with moral lessons regarding values such as courage, friendship, harmony, integrity, perseverance, and respect for elders. Several noteworthy environmental issues are also often discussed, including homeless animals, environmental damage, deforestation, and pollution.


GG Bond (猪猪侠, Zhū Zhū Xiá)
The protagonist of the series. He is a pig who wears a red suit, and is full of enthusiasm, he is obsessed with lollipops and always wants to help others.
Phoebe (菲菲, Fēifēi)
The only female protagonist of the series. She is calm and clever, being a great student in several series.
Super Q (超人强, Chāorén Qiáng)
The antagonist in several series and the antihero in some of the others. Super Q is arrogant, simple-minded, athletic, meanwhile sometimes evil.
Bobby (波比, Bōbǐ)
Super Q's sidekick, who is always loyal to him. He always has ideas on doing bad things to the others.
S-Daddy (小呆呆, Xiǎo Dāidāi)
His Chinese name means "Little Dull". S-Daddy is actually very intelligent and has a huge potential on everything, but he ate a polluted super lollipop when he was a kid, which caused him a serious disease which made him lose his intelligence. S-Daddy is simple-minded, he treats his friends well, he loves empathy, but when he loses control he becomes a dangerous threat.
Dr. Mihoo (迷糊博士, Míhú Bóshì)
Dr. Mihoo is the teacher/inventor for GG Bond and his friends. He is smart, but easily gets confused on the current situation, especially relationships.


  • GG Bond Ι: Magic Jurassic (2006):GG Bond was a martial artist pig in a prehistoric world where resources are strained by overpopulation. At the cost of his own life, he entrusted a powerful "Magic Wisdom Ball" to Wang Xiaoer that could be used to save the environment. Wang Xiaoer instead used the ball for his own gain. When GG Bond is reincarnated and sees what Wang Xiaoer has done, he knows it is up to him to fix the problem, no matter what Wang Xiaoer tries to do to stop him.
  • GG Bond II: Martial Arts 2008 (2007):Primary school student GG Bond is dragged back in time to the competitive islander of Olympus. His only hope to return is to recover the "Keyinuoer” diamond from the dragon who guards it at the peak of Bright Mountain. He can only do this if he wins the island's athletic competitions. He has the power of a super lollipop which enhances his athletic abilities for only a few minutes, but must face up against sports genius Super Qiang if he hopes to ever go home.
  • GG Bond ΙΙΙ: Adventure in the Future (2008): This time, GG Bond is sent to 2080 to find a world divided, where the poor live on a lower, polluted level. He finds that his primary school, Parents' Hope School, is about to be taken over by a competitor, Super Technology School. To defend against this, he must win sports competitions to raise funds.
  • GG Bond Season 4: The Transform Angel (2009): GG Bond was an intern angel that has magic power. In order to become a real angel he has to complete a mission: to help Dasha, a gloomy-faced but kind-hearted monster gain confidence and record Dasha's happy laughter as a proof. Will GG Bond accomplish this mission successfully? What funny stories will happen during the mission?
  • GG Bond Season 5: Fairy Tales of the Brick Kingdom (2010):When GG Bond's grandfather, EE Bond, tries to save the dinosaur from extinction by traveling back 60 million years, he accidentally winds up in the Brick Kingdom, a fairy tale world built by blocks, along with half of the rest of the city. Since they cannot leave, they slowly transform the world with technology like their own. His grandson, GG Bond, follows in his grandfather's footsteps as an Assembler, somebody who can build the blocks of the Brick Kingdom into anything. He uses these skills to fight evil.
  • GG Bond Season 6: Rescue Crew Comes (2012): Fairy tales always end up with happiness, but our stories just start when things change. GG Bond and his friends resolve all these crises with their wisdom, courage and love and restore the happiness in the fairy tale. Brimmed with fun and laugh, this series would be really appreciated by kids and their families.
  • GG Bond Season 7: Monster Heroes (2013): GG Bond and Super Q are students from High Expectation Primary School. The two competitors have different hobbies, different characteristics and different shapes, but they do share something in common. Both of them dream to become super heroes! One day, a real monster's showing up send the fairyland into a panic...The world calls for a hero!
  • GG Bond Season 8: Kung Fu Team (2014): A mysterious man provokes dissensions and fights in Fairy World aiming at collecting hatred energy which could help him to open the door of the dark world. At this critical moment, GG Bond and his friends see through the mysterious man's conspiracy and together, they close the door to the dark world and save their homeland once again.
  • GG Bond Season 9: Shapeshifting Union (2015): It comes a peaceful new era for monsters and residents of Fairy World after the monster crisis. However, there are always conflicts between them: Monsters are so huge and noisy, and there is still hatred from some original residents. Whenever conflicts come up, Shapeshifting Union, which is founded by GG Bond and his fellas would show up to help. As time passes by, the union turns into an office to help keeping the social order.
  • GG Bond Season 10: The Legend of Warriors (2015): In the Fairy Kingdom, there is a group of righteous Five-Spirit Guards who are protecting the locals from evils. One day, they obtain magic power, for which is GG Bond always dreaming of. But driven by the ambition and the lust for the power, some of the Five-Spirit Guards attempt to break the peace of the world and forcibly occupy it. Inspired by a legendary Five-Spirit Guard, GG Bond resolutely joins this righteous team and fights against the evil King Dragon. With their exceptional courage and unbroken team power, Five-Spirit Guards eventually defeat the evils. The Fairy Kingdom finally leads a peaceful and happy life.
  • GG Bond Season 11: Light Guardians (2016):Dark Joy is brought back to life because of the magic power of the Twin Lake, and he intends to restore the dark power to become the king of Fairy World. Being ignorant of his scheme, Super Q and Bobby are deceived to join in his alliance and become adversaries to GG Bond. After reviving from the stone statue, the real Joy teams up with GG Bond and his pals to fight against Dark Joy and Dark-Spirit Guards to defend Fairy World.
  • GG Bond Season 12: Dream Guardians (2016): Crystal City has an outright victory in the final battle against Twin City. But the G-Watch has exhausted much of its energy, which leads to the turbulence of its inner power. Deep down from the G-Watch, an evil power called Oblivion has revived. The evil power that Oblivion Warriors use would sweep away victims' dream and make people become numb puppets. To resist such disaster, GG Bond and his pals spare no efforts to restore the G-Watch. And they are regaining their Five-Spirit Power while helping the citizens of Crystal City. However, Oblivion's spreading speed is also accelerating, and GG Bond decides to turn the situation around and save people from such nightmare.
  • GG Bond Season 13: Agent G (2017): Dr. Mihoo is recruiting a pig hero team to become interstellar agents whose mission will be to protect the universe! GG Bond meets Dr. Mihoo accidentally and gets entranced by the charm of interstellar shuttling, so he accepts Dr. Mihoo's invitation and joins the agent team. The pigs are teamed with super-powered robot pets that transform from the cutest creatures into mega-sized fighting machines with ultra-animal attributes. The pets are each controlled by their partner. Together they make the ultimate tram that can take on any challenge! Also, they'll travel through space and time – and even to other dimensions – all in their quest to right wrongs, keep the peace and defeat evil everywhere.
  • GG Bond Season 14: Dodgeball Legend (2018): GG Bond luckily gets an autographed dodgeball from the star player Apolloson. From that time on, GG Bond decides to become a professional dodgeball player. After failing to get the position of assistant coach, Mihoo encounters GG Bond. They build a dodgeball team with S-Daddy and Phoebe in an effort to win the champion of league. When competing with Super Q's team, GG Bond's team find themselves lacking team cooperation. Eventually, every one finds the proper position in the team. The two teams break even in the end. Following that, they start to appreciate each other, and promise to get into the league. After experiencing many challenges, GG Bond's team gets stronger. Finally, they enter the league and become professional players. In the biennial International Cup, they encounter a top team owned by Phoebe's grandfather. Apparently, a fierce battle is inevitable for GG Bond to be the champion.

Reception and awards[edit]

  • Winner of "Domestic Animation Golden Award" of the 17th Shanghai TV Festival.[4]
  • Nominated for the 2009 "Best Domestic Animation" at Shanghai TV Festival.[5]
  • Winner of the 2009 KAKU Annual "Best Animated Series" as reported by Beijing Review.[6]
  • GG Bond character listed as one of China's "Top 10 Animation Characters" of 2010 by China Toy Trade.[7]


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