GI-K'awiil of Cancuén

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GI-K'awiil of Cancuén
Queen consort of Dos Pilas
Spouse King Ucha'an K'in B'alam
House Royal house of Dos Pilas (by marriage)
Religion Maya religion

GI-K'awiil (G1-K'awiil) was a Queen consort of Dos Pilas. She is also known as the Lady of Cancuén.[1]


She was born in Cancuén. She married Ucha'an K'in B'alam, king of Dos Pilas.[2] It is likely that they had no children, because the successor of her husband was not her son.[3]

Dos Pilas Panel 19 depicts Ucha'an K'in B'alam and GI-K'awiil presiding over a ritual featuring a young boy.

The Hieroglyphic Bench of GI-K'awiil labels her husband as "He of Five Captives".[4]


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