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GenreTechnologyConsumer ElectronicsTelecommunications
VenueDubai World Trade Center
Location(s)Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Organized byDubai World Trade Center

GITEX ("Gulf Information Technology Exhibition") is an annual consumer computer and electronics trade show, exhibition, and conference that takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Its exhibitions in the Middle East have attracted numerous participants, most notably in 2009 when Microsoft released Windows 7 with 150,019 people present.[1]

The GITEX Shopper & Consumer Electronics Expo attracts ICT retailers and suppliers such as Gateway Group, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 50 Cent, Etisalat, RedHat, and Dell.[2][3] The consumer participants include IT professionals, technology enthusiasts, students and consumers as well as regional traders.

GITEX history[edit]

The show was launched in 1981 as GITE and occupied Hall One of the Dubai World Trade Centre.[4] With the launch of MacWorld at the 1988 show, GITEX (the X had been added by now) expanded to two halls of the exhibition centre. For some years it has now filled the entire DWTC complex, currently consisting of 10 exhibition halls comprising a million feet of exhibition space.

GITEX Shopper 2009 had 150,019 visitors representing 121 nationalities.[citation needed]

The 2012 event included 60% from Middle East, 19% from Africa, 13% from the Americas, 4% from East and South Asia and 4% from Europe. There was a 24% increase from Africa as compared to 2011.[5]

GITEX Cairo[edit]

GITEX Cairo was launched in 1998 and ran for three years before the 2002 edition was postponed.[6]

GITEX News[edit]

GITEX 2018 (38th Technology Week) was held during OCT 14 – 18, 2018 at Dubai World Trade Centre. The Department of Sharjah eGovernment had previously announced that 36 government departments in the Emirate would be taking part in the GITEX Technology Week 2018.[7]

GITEX 2016 which marked the 36th year of GITEX was held on 16th-20th October.[8] The focus was on cutting-edge technology - Robotics and drones.

The Middle East IT spend is set to reach $212.9 billion (Dh781 billion) in 2016, a 37 per cent increase from the previous year, she said, adding that nearly 22,000 CEOs from top corporations are expected to attend the event.[9]

GITEX 2021 Highlights from the Technology Week [10]


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