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Developer(s) Tencent
Publisher(s) Garena
Engine In-house engine
PhysX(Physics engine)
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release October 1, 2010
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Multiplayer

GKART is a massively multiplayer online racing game developed by Tencent and published by Garena. A related Chinese game from the same publisher “QQ Speed” has gained enormous popularity in China since with its record number of 2 million players online at the same time.[1] Garena has now introduced GKART to 13 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and US. GKART has been selected into WCG Singapore and WCG China 2011.[2] The game was shuted down on 31 March 2012.


GKART is a kart racing game of extremely simplified keyboard control. Besides directional controls, the fundamental keys of GKART are Drifting and Nitrous boost. In speed mode, drifting accumulates N2O, which converts into usable speed boost when a full tank is reached. In props mode, various items can be used to hinder opponents’ race. Hence GKART is designed for both casual players and professional racers. GKART also features a comprehensive avatar system to satisfy players’ pursuit of uniqueness.


GKART has built in many features in order to attract players of different gaming demography.


Players gain their in-game items mainly through purchase in shops. The items are divided into two sections which require different kinds of in-game currency. The types of items include karts, avatar items, kart cosmetics, actions and pets. By referring to pop culture, the shop system has become the greatest attraction in GKART game.

Pit Stop[edit]

Pit stop functions like a graphic chat room in GKART. The purpose of the pit stop is for players to exchange thoughts, related to the game or not. Players can also perform actions including flying, sleeping and PK. Pit stop will give experience to the players proportional to the length of their stay.

Border Race[edit]

Border races allows players to put their skills to real test. Players need to pay a certain amount of in-game coupons to enter the race. System will match up players with similar level. The winners of the border races will be highly rewarded. They will also be rewarded honour points which would give them superior titles.


By fulfilling certain requirements, players are able to gain experience, items and virtual currency through various missions. This includes items not buyable in shops and are often signs of prestige.


GKART encourages players to race together with their friends by creating the concept of intimacy. Players who are in-game friends will gain intimacy point through racing together or gifting each other. Higher intimacy will give higher experience bonus when friends race together. GKART also allows players to get married in-game. Married couple will have higher experience bonus compared to normal friends.

Clan System[edit]

In-game clan system is another way for players to interact and race together. Clans are self-organized player group which often targets at competitive racing. Players usually find joining a clan helpful in training up skills and seeking in-game buddies. Clan ranking will recognize clan member’s activeness and their triumphs in competitive racing.

Pet System[edit]

Pet is a special kind of avatar item in GKART. Pet has its own levelling system. Different pets offer different benefits to the players, and they become increasingly potent as they level up.

Music System[edit]

GKART has a unique in-game music system, whereby players are able to add songs of their own choice into the playlist.

Some Of This Songs Are From Asia .


As players level up in GKART, they can earn the right to take higher level license tests. The license is not only an indication of their skills and experience in the game, but also opens up more tracks and items for the players.

Kart Mod[edit]

Kart mod is an option for senior players to do intricate adjustments to their kart. The kart mod offers 5 kinds of upgrades to the kart, affecting kart nitrous boost, acceleration and handling etc.

Game Modes[edit]

Speed Mode[edit]

Players will manoeuvre their kart around corners with drifts to accumulate N2O, and use Nitrous boost on straight roads. Speed matters most. In team speed mode, the players will be given score for the respective position they finish in, and the winning team will have the higher total score.

Props Mode[edit]

In Props mode, players cannot drift to build up N2O.Instead, players will pick up special items which give them an edge over their opponents. The items include:

  • Angel – Protect against other items
  • Banana Peel – Kart speeding over it will spin out of control
  • Devil – Cause opponents to invert directions
  • Fog – Obstruct the view of players driving through
  • Kubi Bomb – A homing missile which suspends opponent in air
  • Magnet – Slowing target while accelerating own kart
  • Missile – Blows target into the air
  • N2O – Give speed boost
  • Tornado – Suspends all opponents trapped inside
  • Tortoise – Slows down the first player

In team props mode, first player passing through the finishing line will earn victory for the whole team.

Battle Arena Mode[edit]

In battle arena, players’ target is to collect as much “kubi” as possible, while using items to attack others to reduce their “kubi” counts. The players with least “kubis” will be eliminated periodically. The last one standing will be the winner of the arena.

Story Mode[edit]

The story mode consists of series of missions with plotline and different kinds of challenges. Players will role play the mature and determined Matt or the energetic and flamboyant Ken, to race against the legendary Blizzard Clan.

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