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GKD Evolution
ManufacturerGKD Sports Cars
AssemblyKent, England
DesignerPeter Lathrope and Richard Ashby
Body and chassis
ClassRoadster coupe
Body style2-door convertible coupe
LayoutFR (Front Engine / RWD)
PlatformFabricated chassis and double wishbone suspension using BMW E36/E46 donnor items
EngineVarious, including:
Nissan RB, Cosworth, BMW Straight 6, Rover V8
Curb weight750 kg (1,653 lb)-850 kg (1,874 lb)
PredecessorGinetta G27
GKD Legend
Legend left.jpg
ManufacturerGKD Sports Cars
AssemblyKent, England
DesignerPeter Lathrope
Body and chassis
Body styleseven
LayoutFR (Front engine / RWD)
PlatformFabricated chassis and double wishbone suspension using BMW E36/E46 donnor items
EngineBMW 4-cylinder engines
Curb weight585 kg (1,290 lb)-620 kg (1,367 lb)

GKD Sports Cars is a small-volume car manufacturer based in Boughton Monchelsea, near Maidstone, Kent, with workshops at Lenham. GKD Sports Cars produce two models, the GKD Evolution and the GKD Legend.


GKD Sports Cars was founded in 2006 when company MD Peter Lathrope purchased the Ginetta G27 project.[1] The car was then modified to improve aerodynamics and styling. The company won car of the year 2006 from Which Kit Car magazine with the Evolution. This included winning 5 out of 7 categories in the competition.[2] In 2008, the company launched two new models, with the Evolution being upgraded to use BMW 3 Series (E36/E46) running gear and then launching a new model, the GKD Legend at the Exeter Kit Car Show in November. This received a very warm welcome with the press and public[citation needed], as both cars are the first mainstream kit cars to use BMW 3 Series E36/E46 running gear.[2]


As well as supplying and building the Evolution and the Legend, GKD also supplies Racelogic traction control, alloy wheels and tuning parts. GKD Sports Cars also completes part build projects, put cars in for the IVA test and tune and complete engine conversions for BMW road cars.

Because of the Evolution's background, GKD launched the first production hard top for the Ginetta G27. GKD also supplies upgrades and parts for the Ginetta G27.


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