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TypePump action grenade launcher
Place of originRussia
Service history
Used bySpetsnaz, FSB, MVD and National Guard
Wars2005 raid on Nalchik[1]
Libyan Civil War[2]
Crimean Crisis[2]
Production history
Mass4.8 kg (10.6 lb) unloaded
5.8 kg (12.8 lb) loaded
Length810 mm (31.9 in) stock extended
540 mm (21.3 in) stock folded

ActionDouble action
Muzzle velocity85 m/s (280 ft/s)
Effective firing range300 m (330 yd)
Maximum firing range500 m (550 yd)
Feed system3 round pump action above-barrel tubular magazine
SightsIron sights

The GM-94 is a pump action grenade launcher developed by the KBP design bureau for use by Russian special and security forces.


The GM-94 is a short range weapon, allowing it to be used in close urban environments. With a minimum safe distance of only 10 meters,[3][4] the GM-94 is well suited to close, room-to-room fighting. Its simple design and operation allows it to operate in dusty and dirty environments and even after being immersed in water.

The launcher is capable of firing VGM-93.900[3] high explosive fragmentation, VGM-93.100 thermobaric,[3] VGM-93.300[3] smoke and VGM-93.200[3] tear gas canisters, VGM-93.600[3] rubber slugs and other non-lethal payloads.

The VGM-93.100 thermobaric grenade contains around 160 grams of explosive filler. It can penetrate up to 8 mm of mild steel or interior wall, while producing minimal primary fragmentation.[3]

In June 2005, GM-94 with thermobaric VGM-93.100 ammunition was adopted by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.[5] In October 2007, the Russian armed forces adopted a new launcher designated LPO-97 developed in the KBP Instrument Design Bureau on the basis of the GM-94 with a thermobaric grenade,[6] in 2008 GM-94 adopted for the branches of the Federal Security Service.[7] Though the launcher was intended for use by Russian security forces, the GM-94 has been spotted as far afield as Kazakhstan and Libya.[2]


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