GMC Chevette

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GMC Chevette
GMC Chevette.JPG
GMC Chevette 2 door saloon
Manufacturer General Motors do Brasil
Production 1992-1995
Body and chassis
Body style 2 door saloon
4 door saloon
Engine 1.6L
1.7L diesel
Predecessor Opel K-180
Successor Chevrolet Corsa

The GMC Chevette is an automobile which was manufactured from 1992 to 1995 by General Motors do Brasil specifically for the Argentinian market, where it was sold by both Chevrolet and Renault dealers.[1]

The Chevette was a variation of the General Motors T-car platform which includes Opel Kadett, Chevrolet Chevette and Isuzu Gemini. Offered as a 2-door saloon and as a 4-door saloon, it was powered by a 1.6 litre overhead camshaft engine with a 1.7 litre Isuzu diesel engine available as an option.[1] A pickup version of the Chevette was sold as the Chevrolet 500.[1]

The Chevette was the only saloon car to be badged as a GMC.[1] (In North America, the GMC marque solely marketed light duty and heavy duty trucks until the late 2000s when the company added crossovers.) It was replaced in the Argentinian market by the Chevrolet Corsa in 1995.[1]

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