GMC Terradyne

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GMC Terradyne Concept
ManufacturerGMC (General Motors)
DesignerCarl Zipfel
Body and chassis
Body style4-door pickup truck
Engine6.6 L (403 cu in) V8 (Duramax V8 engine) 300 hp (224 kW)[1]
Transmission5-speed automatic (Allison 1000 transmission)

The GMC Terradyne was a concept truck made by GMC in 2000, designed for heavy industrial use.[2] It was first unveiled to the public at the 2000 North American International Auto Show. One of its notable features was an onboard 5000 watt generator, which was said to put out enough power to operate an entire house.[3]

The truck was made from durable metals like stainless steel, so that the cab could be washed out with a hose. All four doors were designed to slide backwards and forward (much like minivan doors) rather than to swing outwards.[1] It also features an extended cab pushed forward to create more room for passengers, and a truck bed that can be expanded from six feet to eight by means of an extending tailgate.[4]


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