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GMF AeroAsia
Industry Aviation
Genre Airplane Maintenance
Founded 2002
Founder PT Garuda Indonesia
Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, Indonesia
Number of locations
Key people
Richard B. Sukadarisman,
Chief Executive Officer
11 Vice Presidents[2]
Services Base and Heavy Maintenance, Cargo Conversion, Engine Maintenance, Component Maintenance, Line Maintenance, Engineering Services, and Trade and Asset Management[3]
Number of employees
About 2,500
Parent PT Garuda Indonesia
Website (English)

GMF AeroAsia is an Indonesian company that specialising in aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO).The company serves Asia-Pacific region that employs about 2,500 employees based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has many offices around the world.[1][4] It services airplanes of many types and is one of the largest and leading aircraft maintenance facilities in Asia.


Before 2000 (millennium year)[edit]

The company was established in 1984 as Garuda Maintenance Facilities Support Center. In seven years, funded entirely by the Indonesian government, it had spent US$200 million, of which 63% was used to import hi-tech machinery and equipment. In 1996, it became a SBU changing its name to Garuda Maintenance Facilities AeroAsia, or GMF AeroAsia in short.

After 2000[edit]

In August 2002, it split off from PT Garuda Indonesia.[5]

In January 2007, PT Garuda Indonesia announced it would sell a minority stake of GMF AeroAsia in April 2007. Other subsidiaries, PT Aerowisata, PT Abacus Distribution System and PT Gapura Angkasa would be sold completely as Garuda Indonesia does not consider them as "core business".[6] GMF AeroAsia has recently concluded a restructuring as part of the company's strategic development visions embodied in ‘The Global Challenge’, a fifteen-year ‘voyage’ plan.[7]

Currently, it is certified in many countries[8] and serves many airlines.[9] It has three partners; KLM Engineering & Maintenance, Swiss Air and Global Aviation USA[10] In September 2008, KLM attempted to buy shares in GMF, but were turned down. The intention is to release the shares publicly and KLM were told they were free to buy shares at that point.[11] In 2009, GMF AeroAsia's biggest clients are parent Garuda followed by Lion Air,[12] but as 2015, GMF AeroAsia's biggest clients are its parent company Garuda Indonesia with its low-cost arm Citilink followed by Sriwijaya Air. Lion Air itself as previous second biggest client of GMF already sets up their own MRO in Batam and now only uses GMF when unable to bring their aircraft to Batam. [13]


Garuda Indonesia ATR 72-600 and Boeing 737-800 at GMF AeroAsia Hangar 2

All of its facilities are at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. They comprise 480,000 m2 of built-up structures, including three hangars, a spares warehouse, workshops, utility buildings, ground support equipment building, chemical stores, engine test cell and management offices. In addition, GMF AeroAsia has an apron capable of handling up to 50 aircraft, taxiways, a run-up bay and a waste treatment area[14] taking up a 1,150,000 m2 area.

Hangar 1 was built in 1991 designed for Boeing 747s, has two full docks and is 22,000 m2. It can perform Section 41 Modification, replace and strengthen body skin, frame stringer, intercostal and several selected structure in Nose Section 41 area.[15] Hangar 2 is 23,000 m2 and has 5 aircraft bays. It can perform minor A and B checks. It can hold up to one narrow body and one wide body jet. Hangar 3 is 23,000 m2. It normally holds up to 7 narrow body aircraft, but can be reconfigured to hold up to one wide body and 6 narrow body. It has 7 bays with 4 full docks. It has 6 roof-mounted cranes and has one bay designed for McDonnell Douglas MD-11's, McDonnell Douglas DC-10's, and Airbus A330's aircraft.[14] On September 28, 2015 Hangar 4 is begin operated with a capacity of 16 narrow-body aircraft on an 67,022 square-meter of land, making it the largest in the world,[16] is equipped with a purpose-built docking platform for heavy maintenance of narrow body aircraft.[17]

AeroAsia also provides certain assets of OEMs, located in a customs bonded area at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Customers can get anything from this storage warehouse with a computerized system. It uses this warehouse to provide asset management, inventory assistance, management services and trading aircraft parts.[18][19]


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