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GM Inside News
GMI Logo.jpg
Type of site
General Motors Fansite
Registration Optional (Required to post)
Launched 2001
Current status Active

GM Inside News (abbreviated GMI) is an Internet Forum focused on General Motors, its brands and products.

While truly "inside" news is a rarity on this site, when GMI does get a "scoop" bigger and more established publications have been known to use the popular site as a source. As of recent GMI shows info from all car makers, not just general motors.

As of February, 2012 GM Inside News has over 55,000 members and 2,000,000 posts.


2008 - present: Autoforums era[edit]

In March 2008, GMI was transferred to the ownership of and given another major redesign.

In January 2009, GMI was given a slight update to the forums and starting becoming more of a global site.

In July 2009, GMI was updated again. The update added a new "Premium Membership" in which a user can pay to help support the site in exchange for a badge under their username and some extra forum features.


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