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GMLAN which stands for (General Motor Local Area Network) is an application- and transport-layer protocol using CAN for lower layer services. Transport-layer services include the transmission of multi-CAN-frame messages based on the ISO 15765-2 multi-frame messaging scheme. It was developed and is used primarily by General Motors for in-vehicle communication and diagnostics[citation needed]. GM's Tech2 uses the CANdi (Controller Area Network diagnostic interface) adapter to communicate over GMLAN.

Some software applications that allow interfacing to GMLAN are:

  • Intrepid Control Systems, Inc.'s Vehicle Spy 3
  • Vector's CANoe
  • Dearborn Group's Hercules, ETAS' ES-1222, ES590, ES715, and ES580
  •'s OBDLink MX
  • EControls by Enovation Controls' CANCapture
  • GMLAN vehicle universal remote control GMRC for Android devices