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GM X platform (FWD)
Chevrolet Citation II front.jpg
Manufacturer General Motors
Also called X-body
Production 1980-1985
Body and chassis
Class Compact
Layout Front engine, front-wheel drive
Body style(s) 2-door Coupé
3-door Hatchback
4-door Sedan
5-door Hatchback
Vehicles Buick Skylark
Chevrolet Citation
Oldsmobile Omega
Pontiac Phoenix
Related GM A platform (FWD)
Engine(s) Iron Duke I4 (gasoline)
60° V6 (gasoline)
Transmission(s) 3-speed TH 125 automatic
4-speed manual
Wheelbase 104.9 in (2,664 mm)
Predecessor GM X platform (RWD)
Successor GM N platform
GM L platform

The front-wheel drive X-body was used for compact cars from 1980 to 1985. They were among the first mainstream front-wheel drive models introduced into the North American market and initially saw great sales success. They were an alternative to imported front-wheel drive sedans like the Toyota Camry[citation needed], Nissan Stanza, Honda Accord, and the Volkswagen Quantum[citation needed]. However, the X-body developed a poor reputation for quality, due to engineering defects and related safety problems. By 1983, tens of thousands X-cars were on the road, with a tendency to prematurely lock their rear brakes, which threw affected vehicles into a skid or dangerous spin. This resulted in many accidents and the Government initiated a defect investigation. A large number of X-cars were subsequently recalled.[1][2][3]

The FWD GM A-body was derived from the X-body, but did not suffer the same reputation issues.

Vehicles using the X-body include:

The X platform was replaced by the L-body and N-body platforms, which were derived from the J-body platform.


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