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Tor missile system on GM-5955 chassis.

GM (Russian: Gusenichnaya Mashina, Гусеничная машина, lit. tracked machine) is a series of tracked vehicle chassis. Generally, the series is produced by Mytishchinskiy Mashinostroitelniy Zavod. Some older series were developed and produced by Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ)


GM-569 is used for the TELAR 9A38, part of the Buk-M1-2 SAM system.


  • Chassis weight - 24,000 kg
  • Max load - 11,500 kg
  • Wheelbase - 4,605 mm
  • Ground clearance 450 mm
  • Fuel distance - 500 km
  • Working environment
    • outside temperature -50°С — +50°С
    • relative air humidity - 98% (t = +35 °С)
    • overall dust level while driving < 2,5 g/m3
  • Max velocity - 65 km/h
  • Average ground unit pressure < 0,8 kg/cm2
  • Engine type - Multifuel liquid-cooled diesel
  • On-board powerplant - 522 kW (710 h.p.) — 618 kW (840 h.p.)

Other types of chassis[edit]

Designed and developed at Metrovagonmash (previously MMZ and OKB-40):

GM-577 chassis (without a special purpose superstructure)

Also MMZ produced GM-569, GM-567A, GM-562, GM-5959, GM-5951, GM-5952.

Designed and developed at Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ):

  • GM-369 tracked chassis
  • GM-355 was used for BM (translit. Battle Machines) series 9A330, including Target Detection Station (SOTS), Homing Station (SN), and the TEL of 9K330 Tor Missile System[5]
  • GM-352 was used for the BM 2C6 (2K22 Tunguska)
  • GM-352M chassis was used for 2T Stalker IFV.[2]

By others:


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