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Tor missile system on GM-5955 chassis.

GM (Russian: Gusenichnaya Mashina, Гусеничная машина, lit. tracked machine) is a series of tracked vehicle chassis. Generally, the series is produced by Metrovagonmash (former Mytishchinskiy Mashinostroitelniy Zavod, MMZ), part of the Transmashholding since 2002. Some older series were developed and produced by Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ)


GM-569 is used for the TELAR 9A38, part of the Buk-M1-2 SAM system.


  • Chassis weight - 24,000 kg
  • Max load - 11,500 kg
  • Wheelbase - 4,605 mm
  • Ground clearance 450 mm
  • Fuel distance - 500 km
  • Working environment
    • outside temperature -50°С — +50°С
    • relative air humidity - 98% (t = +35 °С)
    • overall dust level while driving < 2,5 g/m3
  • Max velocity - 65 km/h
  • Average ground unit pressure < 0,8 kg/cm2
  • Engine type - Multifuel liquid-cooled diesel
  • On-board powerplant - 522 kW (710 h.p.) — 618 kW (840 h.p.)

Other types of chassis[edit]

Designed and developed at Metrovagonmash (previously MMZ and OKB-40):

GM-577 chassis (without a special purpose superstructure)

Also MMZ produced GM-569, GM-567A, GM-562, GM-5959, GM-5951, GM-5952.

Designed and developed at Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ):

  • GM-369 tracked chassis
  • GM-355 was used for BM (translit. Battle Machines) series 9A330, including Target Detection Station (SOTS), Homing Station (SN), and the TEL of 9K330 Tor Missile System[5]
  • GM-352 was used for the BM 2C6 (2K22 Tunguska)
  • GM-352M chassis was used for 2T Stalker IFV.[2]

By others:


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