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Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilisers & Chemicals Limited (GNFC) is an Indian manufacturer of fertilizers and Chemicals.GNFC was founded in 1976 and it is listed on Mumbai Stock Exchange. The company was jointly promoted by the Government of Gujarat and the Gujarat State Fertilizer Company Limited (GSFC). It was set up in BharuchGujarat. Located at Bharuch in an extremely prosperous industrial belt, GNFC draws on the resources of the natural wealth of the land as well as the industrially rich reserves of the area.

GNFC started its manufacturing and marketing operations by setting up in 1982,one of the world's largest single-stream ammonia-urea fertilizer complexes. Over the next few years, GNFC successfully commissioned different projects - in fields as diverse as chemicals, fertilizers and electronics.

Since inception, GNFC has worked towards an extensive growth as a corporation. A growth which respects the environment and springs from the progressive vision of GNFC.

GNFC today has extended its profile much beyond fertilizers through a process of horizontal integration. Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Energy Sector, Electronics/Telecommunications and Information Technology form ambitious and challenging additions to its corporate portfolio. GNFC has an enterprising, strategic view towards expansion and diversification.

Social Commitments[edit]

Amidst sylvan surroundings and lush green landscapes, nestles Narmadanagar, a peaceful abode for those who make GNFC what it is. A Club House, Tennis Court, Swimming pool and an open-air theater provide recreations for GNFC personnel.

Narmadanagar also has a 32-bed hospital, with modern systems and equipment, and a temple.Narmadanagar is designed to serve the ideals of community living, encourage fraternity among all GNFC members, and integrate the various interests and inclinations of all the individuals.

GNFC is wedded to the prosperity of the farmers. It interacts with them on selection of seeds, on correct application of fertilizers, on scientific farming methods and on land and water management. A large soil testing laboratory offering free service, mobile fertilizer sales units for remote areas, field demonstrations, farmers camps and educational visits and the adoption of districts and villages under an intensive fertilizer campaign—all provide for a direct linkage with the farmer. GNFC also reaches out to the farmers through mass media communication and mobile audio visual units.

GNFC runs a school in the township of Narmadanagar, and has also sponsored a College for Science, Technology and Commerce.

Training Centre[edit]

GNFC has a full-fledged training and development facility for human resources, which is equipped with audio-visual systems, computer laboratory and conference rooms.


  • Set up the world's largest single stream, fuel oil based Ammonia - Urea plant
  • All fertilizers under the brand name of Narmada, along with extensive support activities, have been well accepted by the country's farmer community.
  • India's largest producer of Formic Acid, Acetic acid,Methanol and premium quality Ethyl Acetate.
  • India's only manufacturer of Glacial Acetic Acid through the cutting-edge Methanol route.
  • India's largest single stream plant of Aniline.
  • The only manufacturer of Toluene Di-isocyanate in South East Asia.
  • Record capacity utilizations in all plants, defying the vintage through ingeniously innovative maintenance measures.
  • Development of the first indigenous, eco-friendly technology for H2S removal, CATSOL, a much awarded product of the Company's R&D labs.


(n)Code Solutions, a division of GNFC produces digital certificates for the Government of India (including the digital Aadhaar card for over 1 billion Indians). The solution was the result of a partnership with Entrust.[1] However the certificate is not Internationally recognised and needs to be installed on the device to be accepted.[2]

Technology Partners[edit]

  • Linde AG, Germany.
  • Texaco, USA.
  • BASF, Germany.
  • Haldor Topsoe, Denmark.
  • Snamprogetti, Italy.
  • ICI, UK.
  • Kemira OY, Finland.
  • Plinke, Germany.
  • UHDE, Germany.
  • BP Chemicals, UK.
  • MES Co., Japan.
  • Toyo Engineering, Japan.
  • Chematur AB, Sweden.
  • Du Pont, USA.
  • Entrust, USA.
  • M/s. Lurgi, Germany.


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