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GNOME Screenshot
GNOME Screenshot.png
Developer(s) The GNOME Project
Stable release 3.30.1 (25 September 2018; 28 days ago (2018-09-25)[1]) [±]
Preview release 3.30rc2 (1 September 2018; 52 days ago (2018-09-01)[2]) [±]
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Written in C
Operating system Linux and Unix-like
Type Screenshot software
License GNU General Public License

GNOME Screenshot is a utility used in the GNOME desktop environment for taking screenshots. It was part of the GNOME Utilities (gnome-utils) package, but was split into its own package[3] for the 3.3.1 version in 2011.[4]

It provides several options, including capturing the whole desktop or just a single window, a time delay function, and some image effects. These options are also bound to keyboard shortcuts, PrtSc for whole screen, Crtl-PrtSc for current window, and Shift-PrtSc for area of the screen, which then automatically saves the screenshot to a file in the home directory. In beginning of 2017 it is nearly the only application which works on Gnome with Wayland.

Similar applications include Shutter which provides more options, and Spectacle in KDE.

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