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GNP Crescendo Record Co.
GNP Crescendo logo.png
Founded1954 (1954)
GenreJazz, rock, comedy
Country of originU.S.
LocationHollywood, California

GNP Crescendo Record Co. is an independent record label founded in 1954 by Gene Norman (né Eugene Abraham Nabatoff; 1922–2015). It started as a producer of jazz, then expanded into many other genres, including comedy, rock, and Star Trek soundtracks. Currently GNP Cresendo is run by Gene Norman's son, Neil Norman.


After hitchhiking from New York to Los Angeles, Norman promoted concerts at the Shrine Auditorium and the Civic Center, hosted popular radio shows on KFWB and KLAC, and opened his own nightclub, the Crescendo, on the Sunset Strip. The Crescendo hosted a wide swath of jazz legends and comedians, from Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday to Lenny Bruce and Bob Newhart. Norman often paid acts their weekly rate for a single night's engagement.[1][2]

The inspiration for the label was to issue live recordings made at concerts promoted and organized by Norman, under the umbrella of "Gene Norman Presents".[2] GNP's releases included Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Lionel Hampton, Gerry Mulligan, Frank Morgan, Max Roach, Charlie Ventura and Teddy Buckner.[3]

GNP expanded beyond jazz. In the 1960s, it recorded the surf band The Challengers and the rock group The Seeds, which landed four singles in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In the 1980s, GNP gave Robin Trower a comeback. In 1982 zydeco musician Queen Ida won the label its first and only Grammy Award.[1]

Gene Norman's son Neil, a fan of science fiction, secured a licensing deal from Paramount to release soundtracks of Star Trek, both in its TV and movie incarnations. This led to a new area of concentration for the label. Neil Norman is also a musician who has released many albums on GNP (including numerous albums of themes from science fiction film and television). Currently, he is president of the label.[1]


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