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GNU Guix
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Stable release
0.13.0[1] / May 22, 2017; 30 days ago (2017-05-22)
Written in Guile Scheme, C++ (Nix core)
License GPLv3+

GNU Guix (English pronunciation: /ɡiːks/[2]) is a package manager for the GNU System. It is based on the Nix package manager with Guile Scheme APIs and specializes in providing exclusively free software.[3]


The GNU Project announced on November 2012 the first release of GNU Guix, a functional package manager based on Nix that provides, among other things, Guile Scheme APIs.[4] The project was started on June 2012 by Ludovic Courtès, one of the GNU Guile hackers.[5] On August 20, 2015, it was announced that Guix had been ported to GNU Hurd,[6] making it the first native package manager on the Hurd.[7]

Guix System Distribution[edit]

The Guix project also develops the Guix System Distribution (GuixSD for short[8]), a complete installable GNU system using the Linux-libre kernel and GNU Shepherd init system.

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