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GNU linker
Original author(s)GNU Project
Developer(s)GNU Project
Stable release
2.22 / November 21, 2011; 6 years ago (2011-11-21)
Operating systemGNU
LicenseGNU General Public License

GNU linker (or GNU ld) is the GNU Project's implementation of the Unix command ld. GNU ld runs the linker, which creates an executable file (or a library) from object files created during compilation of a software project. A linker script may be passed to GNU ld to exercise greater control over the linking process.[1] The GNU linker is part of the GNU Binary Utilities (binutils).

Possible origins of the name "ld" are "LoaD" and "Link eDitor".[2]

GNU linker is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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