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The Gothenburg Organ Art Center (GOArt) is a research center based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The institute conducts research in organ building and organ performance from a wide variety of angles.

GOArt was founded by among others Hans Davidsson in the late 1980s. In 2000 it became a department of the University of Gothenburg's Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts. Although it is part of the university it is externally funded through various research grants.

Several organs has been built at GOArt's organ building workshop, including the well known North German baroque organ in Örgryte Nya Kyrka. Organs have also been delivered to Cornell University,[1] Korea National University of Arts[2] and the Eastman School of Music.[3] The workshop also produces clavichords.

Research projects[edit]


GOArt acts as the coordinator of COLLAPSE, a research project working to find ways to protect historical organ pipes from corrosion.[4] The title of the project is an acronym for Corrosion of Lead and Lead-Tin Alloys of Organ Pipes in Europe.


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