Grupo de Operaciones Policiales Especiales (Chile)

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A video of the GOPE at Fuerzas Commandos 2011 shooting the HK 53

The Grupo de Operaciones Policiales Especiales (Police Special Operations Group, GOPE) is the grouping of commands of the Police of Chile which carry out high-risk police operations throughout the country, including bomb disposal, location and tracking of bombs and explosives, rescuing people or bodies from places of difficult access, anti-crime raids and clashes. GOPE is a special force of military uniformed police, as stipulated in the Constitutional Act of the Carabineros.


GOPE was created on 7 June 1979 with the aim of acting as a complement to police work across the country, and responds to complex situations that began to take shape in 1980.

Its career demonstrates the professionalism of its crew made up of men highly trained to counter the more dangerous criminal activities. Its tasks are supported by the Special Action Patrols (PAES), which perform tasks of shelter and protection of citizens.

Fields of operation[edit]

Bomb disposal, counter-terrorism exercises, mastering the most advanced techniques of mountain rescue, aquatic and urban areas, skydiving, martial arts, diving tactics, weapons handling and hazardous substances, procedures in heavily polluted environments, and knowledge paramedics are part of the training of GOPE.

GOPE-Bomb Squad

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