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GOST 7.79-2000 (Система стандартов по информации, библиотечному и издательскому делу. Правила транслитерации кирилловского письма латинским алфавитом) is a standard for transliterisation from Cyrillic to Latin script. It came into effect 2002-07-01[1].

GOST 7.79-2000 contains two transliteration tables.

System A
one Cyrillic character to one Latin character, some with diacritics – identical to ISO 9:1995
System B
one Cyrillic character to one or many Latin characters without diacritics

GOST 7.79 System B[edit]

GOST 7.79 System B
Cyrillic Roman Note
А а A a
Б б B b
В в V v
Г г G g
Ѓ/Ґ ѓ/ґ G` g` ѓ in Macedonian, ґ in Ukrainian
Д д D d
Е е E e
Ё ё Yo yo in Russian and Belarusian
Є є Ye ye in Ukrainian
Ж ж Zh zh
З з Z z
S ѕ Z` z` in Macedonian
И и I, Y` i, y` not in Belarusian, y` for Ukrainian
Й/Ј й/ј J j ј in Macedonian
І і I, I` i, i` i` only before vowels for Old Russian and Old Bulgarian
Ї ї Yi yi in Ukrainian
К к K k
Ќ ќ K` k` in Macedonian
Л л L l
Љ љ L` l` in Macedonian
М м M m
Н н N n
Њ њ N` n` in Macedonian
О о O о
П п P p
Р р R r
С с S s
Т т T t
У у U u
Ў ў U` u` in Belarusian
Ф ф F f
Х х X x
Ц ц Cz, C cz, с c before i, e, y, j
Ч ч Ch ch
Џ џ Dh dh in Macedonian
Ш ш Sh sh
Щ щ Shh, Sht shh, sht shh for Russian and Ukrainian, sht for Bulgarian
Ъ ъ A` a`, `` two grave accents for Russian, a` for Bulgarian
Ы ы Y` y` in Russian and Belarusian
Ь ь ` grave accent
Э э E` e` in Russian and Belarusian
Ю ю Yu yu not in Macedonian
Я я Ya уа not in Macedonian
' apostrophe
Ѣ ѣ Ye уе in Old Russian and Old Bulgarian
Ѳ ѳ Fh fh in Old Russian and Old Bulgarian
Ѵ ѵ Yh yh in Old Russian and Old Bulgarian
Ѫ ѫ O` о` in Old Bulgarian

This standard (System B) appears to have been used in 2014 for the transliteration of street names on street signs in Moscow; its unusual appearance and non-intuitive sound values gave rise to criticism in the media.[2]

National adoptions[edit]

The verbatim translated text of ISO 9 is adopted as an inter-state standard in the countries listed below (the national designation is shown in parentheses). Other transcription schemes are also used in practice, though.


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