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Gp or GP may refer to:

Business and media[edit]

Computing and video games[edit]

Science, geography, mathematics and medicine[edit]

Sports, arts, and entertainment[edit]

  • Gary Payton (born 1968), 9-time NBA All-Star point guard, nicknamed "The Glove"
  • A rating for films in the early 1970s, eventually changed to "PG" by the MPAA
  • Games played, in sports statistics
  • In music, GP (General pause or Grand pause) as a stave annotation denotes a Rest for the entire orchestra in the middle of a piece
  • G.P., an Australian television medical drama series
  • GP (album), the first solo album by Gram Parsons
  • Grand Prix (disambiguation), French for "Grand Prize"
  • Guinness Premiership, English rugby competition

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