GPR Vijayadurganagar housing society

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GPR Vijayadurganagar housing society is formed by members of Vijayadurganagar Bachupally Panchayat, Hyderabad. This consists of about 400 owners of housing land bought by people from all corners of the society. These people range from a company security guard to University professors. The dream of these people started about 12 years ago when they bought this land of each of about 1800 sq. ft. Their dream was to construct a house for their own and live a peaceful life gifted by god. That's why once they bought and registered the land in 1996 they did not look back. A few years later, about 2002, the real trouble started. The Andhra Pradesh government who actually registered this site by taking registration charges and so many other formalities, declared it as a government land again in 2002. It is really shame on the government part to kill the peoples dream, and steal their hard earned property. How can the same government who registered the land on each individual now saying it is a government property? The society is fighting for the justice and learning that how blind is the government systems. Any help to provide support for this cause will be greatly appreciated.