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Stable release
20140325 / March 25, 2014; 5 years ago (2014-03-25)
Written inPerl
Operating systemLinux, BSD and Unix-like operating systems
TypeBatch renaming utility

GPRename is a computer program for renaming multiple files and directories at one time. GPRename is written in Perl, and runs on any Unix-like operating system.[1][2][3]


  • Rename both files and directories[3][4]
  • Case change: to UPPERCASE, to lowercase or Only The First Letter[3][4]
  • Insert or delete text at a position[3][4]
  • Replace text with the option of case sensitive
  • Search text with the option of regular expression[3][4](regex not supported in replace string)
  • Rename with numbers (001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg...)[3][4]
  • Automatically trim double spaces to one space, also trim leading and/or trailing spaces around the name[3][4]
  • Multilingual : Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, Polish, Spanish[5]


At the start of 2007, GPRename has been ported from the deprecated GTK-Perl to the new GTK2-Perl and in mid-2007 the new 2.4 release is now GPL-3.[1]


Jack Wallen writing in in August 2010 said:


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