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Example of a smartwatch -Samsung Galaxy Watch series

A GPS watch is a device with integrated GPS receiver that is worn as a single unit strapped onto a wrist, in the manner of a bracelet. The watch can have other features and capabilities depending on its intended purpose and be a smartwatch. GPS watches are most often used for sports and fitness purposes. Many can connect to external sensors by the wireless ANT+ protocol, and/or to a computer by USB to transfer data and configuration. Common sensors used are heart rate monitors and footpods (running cadence and speed sensor). A footpod can be used to supplement or replace GPS data, such as providing treadmill speed and distance for the watch to log and share. Recharging by USB is commonplace.

Optional features[edit]

  • Display (Illuminated or passive)
  • Time display
  • Speed/pace display
  • Map display
  • Routes
  • Route tracking
  • Heart rate monitor compatibility
  • Running cadence and speed sensor (footpod) compatibility
  • Cycling cadence sensor compatibility
  • Cycling power meter compatibility
  • Weight scale compatibility
  • Compatibility with sport transitions (such as triathlons)
  • Training programs (such as intervals)
  • Computer connection for logging, mapping and sharing data
  • Hydration/nutrition reminders
  • Reminder alarms to alternate between running and walking
  • Accelerometer for tracking indoor swimming
  • Touchscreen
  • Larger add-on rechargeable battery for longer events (marathon, etc.)


A GPS watch is commonly a sport watch (a device used for sports and exercise in general rather than just GPS functionally). It may be designed for one particular sport or other purpose, or provide modes and features to suit several.

Examples of common purposes:

  • Data logging
  • Navigation
  • Fitness training (Many watches can be used for many sports such as running, walking, hiking, cycling or swimming)
  • Specific sport assistance (such as golf)
  • Locating children and adults with intellectual disabilities that are at risk of wandering or elopement.
A Garmin fēnix 6X Sapphire smartwatch with a builtin GPS/Glonass/Galileo receiver.


TomTom Runner 2 with orange wristband.

GPS Watches for Kids[1][edit]

PS watches for kids are an innovative solution for modern parents who want to keep their children safe and connected. These smart devices allow parents to track their child’s location and monitor their activities remotely. Whether a school trip or just a day at the park, GPS watches give parents peace of mind knowing their children are safe and within reach.

Here's a list of best GPS Watches for Kids by Alphaa Blogger:[2]

  • TickTalk 4
  • XPLORA X5 Play
  • Angel Watch
  • Cosmo JrTrack 2TM Kids
  • Laxcido GPS Watches For Kids
  • Blackview Kids’ GPS Smartwatch
  • Apple Watch SE[3]

List of All GPS Watches[4][edit]


These devices offer similar functions to GPS watches, but measure speed and distance using a motion sensor (built-in, or a footpod attached to a shoe), instead of GPS. Since they do not rely on GPS, they can work indoors, but do not track location data for mapping. Certain models include heart rate monitoring, either built-in or through a chest-worn sensor. There are also a wide variety of watches that measure only heart rate and time.

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