Grand Prix de Rennes

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Grand Prix de Rennes
Race details
Date Early April
Region Rennes, France
English name Grand Prix of Rennes
Local name(s) Grand Prix Cycliste de la Ville de Rennes (French)
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type Single-day
First edition 1979 (1979)
Editions 30
Final edition 2008
First winner  Yvon Bertin (FRA)
Final winner  Mikhaylo Khalilov (UKR)

Grand Prix Cycliste de la Ville de Rennes was a professional cycle road race held in Rennes, France until 2008 when it was last organised, with the organisers citing financial difficulties as the reason. Since 2005 the race was organized as a 1.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour, also being part of the Coupe de France de cyclisme sur route.


Rider Team
1979 France Bertin, YvonYvon Bertin (FRA)
1980 France Vallet, BernardBernard Vallet (FRA)
1981 France Chassang, JeanJean Chassang (FRA)
1982 France Rault, Jean FrancoisJean-François Rault (FRA)
1983 France Arnaud, DominiqueDominique Arnaud (FRA)
1984 France Wojtinek, BrunoBruno Wojtinek (FRA)
1985 France Duclos-Lassalle, GilbertGilbert Duclos-Lassalle (FRA)
1986 France Boyer, EricEric Boyer (FRA)
1987 France Bernard, Jean FrancoisJean-François Bernard (FRA)
1988 France Pensec, RonanRonan Pensec (FRA)
1989 Belgium Bogaert, JanJan Bogaert (BEL)
1990 Belgium Bafcop, EdwinEdwin Bafcop (BEL)
1991 Denmark Andersen, KimKim Andersen (DNK)
1992 France Robin, Jean-CyrilJean-Cyril Robin (FRA)
1993 France Seigneur, EddyEddy Seigneur (FRA)
1994 France Delion, GillesGilles Delion (FRA)
1995 Belgium Clercq, Peter DePeter De Clercq (BEL)
1996 France Jalabert, NicolasNicolas Jalabert (FRA)
1997 France Jalabert, NicolasNicolas Jalabert (FRA)
1998 France Chanteur, PascalPascal Chanteur (FRA)
1999 Netherlands Heeswijk, Max VanMax Van Heeswijk (NLD)
2000 Canada Fraser, GordonGordon Fraser (CAN)
2001 Italy Casarotto, DavideDavide Casarotto (ITA)
2002 United States O'Bee, KirkKirk O'Bee (USA)
2003 Russia Grischkin, OlegOleg Grischkin (RUS)
2004 Estonia Aug, AndrusAndrus Aug (EST)
2005 France Turpin, LudovicLudovic Turpin (FRA)
2006 Italy Grillo, ParideParide Grillo (ITA)
2007 Ukraine Matveyev, SergiySergiy Matveyev (UKR)
2008 Ukraine Khalilov, MikhayloMikhaylo Khalilov (UKR)

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