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IndustryCAD / CAE Software
FoundedFrance, 1986
HeadquartersParis, France
Key people
Francis Guillemard, President and CEO
ProductsBuilding & Construction
RevenueIncrease €68.7 Million Euros (2015)
Number of employees
370 (2015)

GRAITEC is an Autodesk Reseller and developer of CAD / CAE software for the civil engineering and construction industries.

Headquartered in France, the company was founded in 1986 by Francis Guillemard. GRAITEC went from a single company located in France to a group of 11 wholly owned companies spread around the world (France, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Russia, Romania, United Kingdom, Canada and USA). GRAITEC Group's turnover in 2015 was 68.7 million euros€ (+46% growth) with an EBITDA of 8% and the Group presently has more than 370 employees.


GRAITEC products revolve around two software suites that coexist and provide workflow between CAD and Analysis / Design:

  • GRAITEC Advance, an international software suite for the construction industry.
  • Local software that strengthen GRAITEC Advance with local versions for specific market requirements.

GRAITEC Advance suite[edit]

GRAITEC Advance is CAD integrated, analysis and design software for the construction and civil engineering field.

GRAITEC Advance software integrates the following features: data exchange tools between engineering and detailing (GTC technology), tools for pre-dimensioning in CAD models, automatic document management for drawings, lists, reports, NC files, etc.

GRAITEC is an active member of the DSTV standard association.

GRAITEC Advance includes the following applications: Advance Concrete, Advance Steel and Advance Design.

Advance Concrete[edit]

Advance Concrete[1] is a reinforced concrete modeling and detailing software in AutoCAD, with automated creation of reinforcement and formwork drawings and bill of materials. Launched in 2001, Advance Concrete was the first application in the Advance Suite.

Advance Steel[edit]

Advance Steel[2] is a major extension of AutoCAD for structural steel modeling and detailing and automatic creation of general arrangement drawings, fabrication drawings, material lists and NC files. Advance Steel was specifically developed for the steel industry to increase design productivity and production quality through the acceleration of the modeling process.

Advance Design[edit]

Advance Design[3] is a FEM analysis and design software for reinforced concrete, steelwork and timber design integrating advanced functionalities for structure modeling, finite elements analysis and results post-processing. It conducts static and dynamic analysis of 2D and 3D structures, from bridges and culverts to buildings and towers. Advance Design is currently available in two versions: one according to North American standards and the other according to European standards.

Local software packages[edit]

Graitec local software packages include the following:

  • Effel,[4] a program of CAE / structural analysis and design. Based on the finite element calculation method, Effel performs static and dynamic analyses of 2D or 3D buildings. The software is provided with a large range of functionalities, such as 3D climatic generator, non-linear calculation, large displacement reinforced, concrete structure optimization, regulatory verification for reinforced concrete, steel and timber, etc. In 1991, with Effel v. 2, GRAITEC was the first software provider to deliver automated optimization of materials according to reinforced concrete and steel construction standards. Moreover, in 1995, Effel was the first software application provided with an automatic 3D climatic action generator.
  • Arche,[5] a software application for CAE / reinforced concrete structural analysis and design. Dedicated to calculation of reinforced concrete buildings, Arche is used to conduct preliminary sizing of the structure and to perform simultaneously load distribution, wind bracing and seismic analyses.
  • Melody, an application for CAE / steel framework analysis and design. It allows automatic dimensioning of steel frames and creation of "turnkey" calculation reports. Melody is available in France and French-speaking countries.
  • Cadkon, an application for automatic drawing in AutoCAD dedicated to CAD / architecture and MEP (sanitary, heating, electrical and plumbing). CADKON also includes a timber drawing module for AutoCAD Architecture.
  • MillerCAD: a program for CAD / office layout design. MillerCAD is an AutoCAD-based application for specifying Herman Miller office furniture and automating the design of office layouts. It provides built-in quality control, preventing the designer from creating invalid product specifications.


  • 1986: GRAITEC is founded by Francis Guillemard.
  • 1989: Launch of 3 design software: Effel (Finite Element Analysis software for concrete, steel and timber), Arche (building simulation and automated detailing software for concrete building) and Melody (2D Steel frame analysis software that features automatic connection design and drawing creation). Success of these launches allows GRAITEC to become the French market leader.
  • 1999: Creation of GRAITEC Romania.
  • 2001: Creation of GRAITEC Inc in Canada; launch of Advance Concrete, for reinforced concrete modeling and detailing in AutoCAD; GRAITEC becomes Autodesk Unique Application reseller.
  • 2002: Acquisition of DSC CAD/CAM-Technologien GmbH in Germany. HyperSteel software (Steel Modeling and Detailing) serves as the technical platform in the development of Advance Steel; GRAITEC SA becomes the operational holding company; Creation of GRAITEC SARL in France; Launch of Advance Steel, a high-end steel modeling and detailing system in AutoCAD®
  • 2003: Creation of GRAITEC USA Inc. in Boston; Acquisition of AB Studio spol. s.r.o. in the Czech republic and expansion of the GRAITEC Suite with CADKON (Architecture and MEP suite on AutoCAD®).
  • 2004: Agreements with additional distribution partnerships in Russia and Poland.
  • 2005: Launch of Advance Design, a new generation structural analysis software; agreement with a new distribution partner in China.
  • 2006: DSC CAD/CAM-Technologien GmbH becomes GRAITEC GmbH; New partnerships in Europe (Baltic Countries, etc.), in Asia (Philippines, South Korea, etc.) and first customers in Latin America (Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, etc.).
  • 2007: Acquisition of Adris Ltd. in the UK and expansion of the GRAITEC Suite with MILLERCAD (Office layout design); Acquisition of CivilDesign Inc. in Canada and expansion of the GRAITEC Suite with VisualDesign (Finite Element Analysis software for concrete, steel and timber).
  • 2008: Acquisition of CSI (Computer Service im Ingenieurbau GmbH) in Germany and expansion of GRAITEC suite with CS Statik (static analysis and design) and CS Pons (bridge calculation); Acquisition of Integer Ltd. in United-Kingdom and expansion of GRAITEC suite with SuperSUITE (steel and concrete design for buildings and bridges); Acquisition of Abc service, a major reseller of CAD software for steel construction in France, and creation of a CAD department dedicated to steel construction; Agreements with additional distribution partnerships in India, South Africa, Brazil.
  • 2009: Strong development in Asia Pacific area with new distribution agreements signed in China, Malaysia / Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and in Europe in Slovenia, Hungary, Netherlands and in Serbia; Creation of GRAITEC CJSC, in Russia in partnership with GRAITEC partner/reseller INFARS; Integer Software Ltd. becomes GRAITEC UK; Latest European standards Eurocodes implemented in Advance Suite; Merger between CivilDesign and GRAITEC Inc. to become one single company: GRAITEC Inc dedicated to the Canadian market; Creation of YellowCAD France, for offering a CAD alternative package on the French market; GRAITEC Advance Suite records an organic growth of 290% between 2005 and 2010.
  • 2010: New partnerships in Serbia and Croatia and in the USA with the signature of 10 new partnerships; Creation of GRAITEC Asia Pacific in Singapore to manage and support the VARs located in this area.
  • 2011: Merger of CSI and GRAITEC GmbH to become one single company: GRAITEC GmbH. New common headquarters in Essen, Germany.
  • 2015: Acquisition of Total CAD Systems, Inc. in Houston, Texas, USA
  • 2018 : GRAITEC Inc. Canada became Autodesk Gold Level reseller
  • 2019: Acquisition of Opentree Ltd of North Yorkshire, UK and their document management system, Cabinet.[6]


  • GRAITEC Inc., North America, is located in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada. GRAITEC started localizing Advance Steel for North America in fall 2003 and by June 2004 the product was ready for distribution. In 2007, GRAITEC opened an office in Fort Worth (Texas) and began activities in Spanish speaking Latin America. The Americas subsidiary is currently the number 2 sales unit worldwide for Advance Steel. By 2017, GRAITEC became an Autodesk Authorized Reseller Gold level
  • AB Studio spol. s.r.o.[7] Created in 1990 and acquired by Graitec in 2003, AB Studio is a Czech software provider for Architecture & Civil/Building design offices and contractors. This subsidiary is developing and selling CADKON in addition to offering engineering service on this modular CAD package for AutoCAD. AB Studio is a longtime Autodesk reseller. In 2007, the subsidiary became the top Autodesk reseller in Central and Eastern Europe (CHS area).
  • GRAITEC SARL France. In 2002, GRAITEC France was created as a subsidiary of GRAITEC SA, which become the holding business unit of the group. The regional organization of GRAITEC France is further bolstered, in 2007, with additional local engineers trained to perform local hotline and on-site assistance.
  • GRAITEC GmbH Germany. Founded in 1983, DSC CAD/CAM-Technologien GmbH was acquired by GRAITEC in 2002 thus becoming the German subsidiary of the Group. As a German specialist in steel construction, the company developed two software packages: SDDP and HyperSteel. When DSC became a member of the GRAITEC Group, HyperSteel was further developed and marketed as Advance Steel by GRAITEC. The Software is distributed worldwide.
  • GRAITEC Romania SRL. Founded in 1999 in Bucharest, GRAITEC Romania is mainly the Research & Development division of the Group. In addition to developing software for the entire group, GRAITEC Romania also provides design and detailing services for international customers using client feedback to fine-tune GRAITEC software prior to market launch. Like all group branches, Graitec Romania distributes GRAITEC products in its market.
  • GRAITEC Iberica, Spain. Launched in June 2007, the GRAITEC Iberica sales activities are focused on the CAD market and more precisely on steel detailing. A lot of effort is set on localization and on building partnerships. To better meet the regional requirements, GRAITEC Iberica is dealing with regional distributors: EICAD in central area (Madrid), STI in central and Basque regions (San Sebastian), Steel Cad Sevilla in Andalusia.
  • Adris Ltd. United Kingdom. Acquired in 2007 by Graitec, Adris Computing Concepts (created in 1982) is the longest established Autodesk reseller in the UK. Adris Ltd. has developed an in-house team of over 30 staff. Since 1999 the Adris CAD Studio has created visuals for Precor including 2D symbols & 3D equipment models. Adris Ltd. supports Precor throughout Europe & U.S.[8]
  • Integer Software Ltd.[9] United Kingdom. Established in 1983 by a group of civil engineers and managed by Brian Munton, Integer has created an integrated range of structural design and analysis software used by 9 of the top 10 UK engineering consultancies. The business has been predominantly focused on Modelling, Analysis, Design and Detailing for engineers in Bridge and Structural Projects. In addition, Integer offers a complete maintenance and development services to its clients.


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