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1972 União da Ilha Parade.
The interpreter Ito Melodia, current school singer and son of Aroldo Melodia one of the biggest names in the Carnival
Alegory in the parade of 2014, when the island returned of Champions Parade
One of the highlights of ground, in the parade of 2014

The Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba União da Ilha do Governador (Recreation Guild Samba School Union of Governor's Island) was founded on March 7, 1953 by the friends Maurício Gazelle, and Quincas Orphylo, who were in Cacuia, the main site of the carnival parade of the Ilha do Governador, watching the presentation of small schools of samba and blocks of various districts of the island. It was then decided that the neighborhood of Cacuia should be represented by a samba school. Currently, the school is based in Estrada do Galeão in the neighborhood of Cacuia.


The União da Ilha do Governador remained some time between the second and third groups, and in 1974, were crowned champions when the second group received access to the main group from the years following.

From 1977, with the theme "Sunday", till 1980, when they took second place with the theme "Good, Nice and Cheap", the Island has made a fashionable impression, with no definitive one of the samba schools more sympathetic to the judges. The school took to the parade Sapucaí light, cheap and cheerful. This would be the hallmark of the Island, held today. Their costumes are usually mild, without great splendor, making the parade for the performance. The school also can establish a good communication with the public and is considered one of the nicest of the carnival. The Today was the samba of the Island in 1978 and that same year was recorded by Elizeth Cardoso, but it was the first recording of Simone in 1983 (CD Delights and Delusions and re-recorded the live CD Simone), when she became popular.

In recent years, the best remembered parade of the island was in 1989. The theme song "Party profane" had the refrain "I'll get drunk with happiness" that, to date, is sung all over the country. That year, the school was in third place.

The last good result was obtained in 1994, with "Abrakadabra," which came in fourth, their last appearance in the Parade of Champions. Since then, they have achieved good placements.

In 2000, with "Not to say I did not speak of flowers", the Island came in eighth place, addressing some of the darkest of the 500 years of Brazil: a military dictatorship from 1964 to 1985.

In 2001, the school won 13th place in the Special Group, and were thus lowered to Access Group A in 2002, where they had ups and downs.

In 2008, even without many resources, the school had a parade of claw, and revived "É hoje o dia" ("Today is the Day"), which earned them fifth place.

From 2008, the samba-school based at the Ilha do Governador neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro city, literally 2 or 3 miles from the Rio de Janeiro-Galeão International Airport, started a professionalization process, with the introduction of a series of management techniques. A marketing department was established, the renovation of its headquarters started to gain interest (it was finalized May 2012), the financial department re-structured and a series of partnerships started to sprout. Today, União da Ilha do Governador Samba School has as one of its main partners Grupo Petrópolis, with Itaipava beer.

In 2009, the "insulana" (islander) samba-school, as it is sometimes called by its revelers, chose the parade theme "Travel is necessary – extraordinary journeys through worlds familiar and unknown". The carnival parade organizer Jack Vasconcelos became Carnival Champion of Group A with 239.9 points, returning after his demotion in 2001 to the so sought after Rio Carnival Special Group in 2010.

In 2010, as the Task Force came up with the story "Don Quixote the knight of impossible dreams," the carnival organizer Rosa Magalhães was overshadowed by just a few problems on the floats. In front of the drums came drums queen Bruna Bruno, who has been the front of the drums for years, along with Luciana Picorelli (current sponsor of the drums). They finished in 11th place, escaping relegation anew and still in the Special for Carnival 2011.

After the carnival, a school that has defined its plot in 2016, before the carnival 2015. That will be on the 2016 Summer Olympics in which after the departure of Alex de Souza backed the return Paulo Menezes and Jack Vasconcelos, as carnival. and had a change of queen of battery where after 11 years ahead of the battery Bruna Bruno abdicated the throne and was replaced by Bianca Leão. However in a parade is shorter than the previous years, finished in 11th place.

However for 2017 the school has changed the whole team starting with the carnival producer Severo Luzardo, director of carnival Wilsinho and the mestre-sala and porta-bandeira Phelipe Lemos and Dandara.

Carnival 2019[edit]

Founded 7 March 1953; 65 years ago (1953-03-07)
School-godparent Portela
General information
President Ney Filardis
Carnival producer Severo Luzardo
Carnival singer Ito Melodia
Carnival director Dudu Azevedo
Harmony director Dudu Azevedo
Director of Battery Keko Araujo e Marcelo Santos
Queen of Battery Gracyanne Barbosa
Mestre-sala and Porta-Bandeira Phelipe Lemos and Dandara
Choreography Leandro Azevedo


Year Place Division Plot Carnivals Producers Singers Ref.
1960 3rd place Group 3 Homenagem às forças armadas Djalma Marcinha Seresteira [1][2]
1961 Vice Champion Group 2 Rio, sempre Rio Djalma Marcinha Seresteira [1]
1962 14th place Group 2 Homenagem a Catulo da Paixão Cearense Djalma Marcinha Seresteira [1][3]
1963 10th place Group 3 Garimpeiros do Araguaia Nelson Marcinha Seresteira [1]
1964 10th place Group 3 Riquezas do Brasil Nelson Marcinha Seresteira [1]
1965 5th place Group 3 De Estácio a Lacerda Nelson Marcinha Seresteira [1]
1966 4th place Group 3 A queda da Monarquia Djalma Marcinha Seresteira [1]
1967 3rd place Group 3 Epopéia dos Palmares D. Lopes Marcinha Seresteira [1]
1968 11th place Group 3 A Revolução dos Alfaiates Nelson Marcinha Seresteira [1]
1969 5th place Group 2 Imagens do Brasil Moleque Marcinha Seresteira [1]
1970 Vice Champion Group 2 O sonho de um sambista Edson Machado Aroldo Melodia [1][4]
1971 14th place Group 2 Ritual afro-brasileiro Edson Machado Aroldo Melodia [1][5]
1972 8th place Group 2 A festa da cavalhada Maria Augusta Aroldo Melodia [1]
1973 9th place Group 2 Y Juca Pirama Maria Augusta Aroldo Melodia [1]
1974 Champion Group 2 Lendas e festas das Yabás Mário Barcellos Aroldo Melodia [1]
1975 9th place Group 1 Nos confins de Vila Monte Mário Barcellos Aroldo Melodia [1]
1976 9th place Group 1 Poemas de Máscaras e sonhos Mário Barcellos Aroldo Melodia [1]
1977 3rd place Group 1 Domingo Alcione Barreto, Adalberto Sampaio, Maria Augusta Aroldo Melodia [1]
1978 4th place Group 1 O Amanhã Maria Augusta Aroldo Melodia [1]
1979 5th place Group 1A O que será? Adalberto Sampaio Aroldo Melodia [1]
1980 Vice Champion Group 1A Bom, bonito e barato Adalberto Sampaio Aroldo Melodia [6][7]
1981 7th place Group 1A 1910, Burro na cabeça Adalberto Sampaio Aroldo Melodia [1]
1982 5th place Group 1A É Hoje Max Lopes| Aroldo Melodia [1]
1983 7th place Group 1A Toma lá dá cá Wany Araújo Aroldo Melodia [1]
1984 5th place Group 1A Quem pode pode, quem não pode... Geraldo Cavalcanti Quinzinho [1]
1985 12th place Group 1A Um herói, um enredo, uma canção Luís Orlando Quinho [1]
1986 5th place Group 1A Assombrações Arlindo Rodrigues Aroldo Melodia [1]
1987 9th place Group 1 Extra, Extra Alexandre Louzada Aroldo Melodia [1]
1988 6th place Group 1 Aquarilha do Brasil Max Lopes Quinho [1]
1989 3rd place Group 1 Festa Profana Ney Ayan Quinho [1]
1990 7th place Group Special Sonhar com Rei dá João Ney Ayan Quinho [1]
1991 9th place Group Special De bar em bar, Didi um poeta Rogério Figueiredo and Ely Peron Aroldo Melodia [1]
1992 10th place Group Special Sou mais minha Ilha Luiz Fernando Reis Aroldo Melodia [1]
1993 11th place Group Special Os maiores espetáculos da Terra Sylvio Cunha Mauricio 100 [1]
1994 4th place Group Special Abrakadabra, O despertar dos mágicos Chico Spinoza Quinho [1]
1995 11th place Group Special Todo dia é dia de Índio Chico Spinoza Aroldo Melodia [1]
1996 12th place Group Special A Ilha faz uma viagem a pintada encantada Chico Spinoza Aroldo Melodia [1]
1997 12th place Group Special Cidade Maravilhosa, o sonho de Pereira Passos Roberto Szaniecki Ito Melodia [1]
1998 9th place Group Special Fatumbi - a Ilha de Todos os Santos Milton Cunha Rixxah [1]
1999 10th place Group Special Barbosa Lima, 101 anos do sobrinho do Brasil Milton Cunha Maurício Maia and Roger Linhares [1]
2000 8th place Group Special Pra não dizer que não falei de flores Mário Borriello Serginho do Porto [1]
2001 13th place Group Special A União faz a força, com muita energia! Wany Araújo Wander Pires [1]
2002 3rd place Group A Folias de Caxias - De João a João... É o Carnaval da União! Mário Borriello Ito Melodia [1]
2003 2rd place Group A Chega em seu cavalinho azul uma bruxinha boa. A Ilha trouxe do céu Maria Clara Machado Paulo Menezes Ito Melodia [1]
2004 7th place Group A Com Pandeiro ou Sem Pandeiro... Eu Brinco. Com Dinheiro ou Sem Dinheiro... Eu Também Brinco! Paulo Menezes Ito Melodia [1]
2005 2rd place Group A Das Veredas dos Trilhos a um Sonho de Fé... A Ilha Traz a Conquista do Pináculo, Corcovado Tentação Alaôr Junior and Antônio Roberto Ito Melodia [1]
2006 3rd place Group A Das Minas Del Rei São João Jack Vasconcelos Ito Melodia [1]
2007 4th place Group A Ripa na Tulipa, Ilha! Paulo Menezes, Jack Vasconcelos, André Marins Ito Melodia [1]
2008 5th place Group A É hoje o dia Jack Vasconcelos Ito Melodia [1]
2009 Champion Group A Viajar é Preciso - Viagens extraordinárias através de Mundos conhecidos e desconhecidos Jack Vasconcelos Ito Melodia [1][8]
2010 11th place Group Special Dom Quixote de La Mancha, o cavaleiro dos sonhos impossíveis Rosa Magalhães Ito Melodia [1][8]
2011 Hors Concours Group Special O mistério da vida Alex de Souza Ito Melodia [8]
2012 8th place Group Special De Londres ao Rio: Era uma vez... uma Ilha. Alex de Souza Ito Melodia [8]
2013 9th place Group Special Vinícius, no plural. Paixão, poesia e carnaval Alex de Souza Ito Melodia [8][9][10]
2014 4th place Group Special É Brinquedo, é brincadeira. A Ilha vai levantar poeira! Alex de Souza Ito Melodia [11][12][13]
2015 9th place Group Special Beleza Pura? Alex de Souza Ito Melodia [14][15][16]
2016 11th place Group Special Olímpico por natureza.Todo mundo se encontra no Rio! Paulo Menezes and Jack Vasconcelos Ito Melodia [17]
2017 8th place Group Special Nzara Ndembu - Glória ao senhor tempo Severo Luzardo Ito Melodia
2018 10th place Group Special Brasil, bom de boca Severo Luzardo Ito Melodia
2019 Group Special A peleja poética entre Rachel e Alencar no avarandado do céu Severo Luzardo Ito Melodia


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