Dreamsongs: A RRetrospective

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Dreamsongs: A RRetrospective
GeorgeRRMartin Dreamsongs.jpg
UK edition hardback
AuthorGeorge R.R. Martin
CountryUnited States
GenreFantasy novel, Short stories, novellas
PublisherVictor Gollancz Ltd
Publication date
21 September 2006
Media typePrint (hardback)
Pages1286 pp
ISBN0-575-07905-3 (UK first edition, hardback)

Dreamsongs: A RRetrospective is a career-spanning collection of George R. R. Martin's short fiction. It was first published in 2003 as a single volume hardcover from Subterranean Press under the title GRRM: A RRetrospective and debuted in Toronto at Torcon 3, the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention, where Martin was the Writer Guest Of Honor. The collection features 34 pieces of fiction (including two TV scripts), an introduction by Gardner Dozois, commentary by Martin on each stage of his career, a Martin bibliography, and original art for each story. Subterranean published the book in three formats: a trade hardcover, a signed, numbered, and slipcased deluxe hardcover, and a very limited, deluxe leather-bound, lettered hardcover. The Washington Post called Subterranean's single-author collection "the most ambitious volume ever to come from an American specialty press".

A UK first hardcover edition (right), running to more than 1,200 pages, was published three years later, in September 2006, by Victor Gollancz Ltd. Bantam then reprinted the collection in the United States in 2007 as a two-volume trade hardcover set. Both the 2006 UK reprint and 2007 USA reprint carry the new title Dreamsongs: A RRetrospective.


The collection is divided into nine thematic sections, with all the stories arranged in rough chronological order. The sections, and the stories they contain, are as follows:

A Four-Color Fanboy[edit]

# Title Year Note
1 "Only Kids Are Afraid of the Dark" 1967
2 "The Fortress" 2003 Written in the 1960s
3 "And Death His Legacy" 2003 Written in the 1960s

The Filthy Pro[edit]

# Title Year Previously published
4 "The Hero" 1971 "A Song for Lya" (1976)
5 "The Exit to San Breta" 1972 "A Song for Lya" (1976)
6 "The Second Kind of Loneliness" 1972 "A Song for Lya" (1976) / "Portraits of His Children" (1987)
7 "With Morning Comes Mistfall" 1973 "A Song for Lya" (1976) / "Portraits of His Children" (1987)

The Light of Distant Stars[edit]

# Title Year Previously published
8 "A Song for Lya" 1974 "A Song for Lya" (1976) / "Nightflyers" (1985)
9 "This Tower of Ashes" 1976 "Analog Annual" (1976) / "Songs of Stars and Shadows" (1977) / "Songs the Dead Men Sing" (1983)
10 "And Seven Times Never Kill Man" 1975 "Songs of Stars and Shadows" (1977) / "Nightflyers" (1985)
11 "The Stone City" 1977 "Sandkings" (1981)
12 "Bitterblooms" 1977 "Sandkings" (1981)
13 "The Way of Cross and Dragon" 1979 "Sandkings" (1981)

The Heirs of Turtle Castle[edit]

# Title Year Previously published
14 "The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr" 1976 "Songs of Stars and Shadows" (1977) / "Portraits of His Children" (1987)
15 "The Ice Dragon" 1980 "Portraits of His Children" (1987)
16 "In the Lost Lands" 1982 "Portraits of His Children" (1987)

Hybrids and Horrors[edit]

# Title Year Previously published
17 "Meathouse Man" 1976 "Songs the Dead Men Sing" (1983)
18 "Remembering Melody" 1981 "Songs the Dead Men Sing" (1983)
19 "Sandkings" 1979 "Sandkings" (1981) / "Songs the Dead Men Sing" (1983)
20 "Nightflyers" 1980 "Songs the Dead Men Sing" (1983) / "Nightflyers" (1985)
21 "The Monkey Treatment" 1983 "Songs the Dead Men Sing" (1983)
22 "The Pear-Shaped Man" 1987 Previously uncollected

A Taste of Tuf[edit]

This section features two stories in the Haviland Tuf series, about an overweight space trader encountering various civilizations.

# Title Year Previously published
23 "A Beast for Norn" 1976 "Tuf Voyaging" (1986)
24 "Guardians" 1981 "Tuf Voyaging" (1986)

The Siren Song of Hollywood[edit]

This section features two television screenplays by George R. R. Martin. The former is a script for an episode of The Twilight Zone, and the latter is a pilot for a never-made science fiction series similar to Sliders.

# Title Year
25 "The Road Less Travelled" 1986
26 "Doorways" 1993

Doing the Wild Card Shuffle[edit]

This section features two of George R. R. Martin's contributions to the Wild Cards shared universe.

# Title Year
27 "Shell Games" 1987
28 "From the Journal of Xavier Desmond" 1988

The Heart in Conflict[edit]

# Title Year Previously published
29 "Under Siege" 1985 "Portraits of His Children" (1987)
30 "The Skin Trade" 1988 "Quartet" (2001)
31 "Unsound Variations" 1982 "Portraits of His Children" (1987)
32 "The Glass Flower" 1986 "Portraits of His Children" (1987)
33 "The Hedge Knight" 1998 "Legends"
34 "Portraits of His Children" 1985 "Portraits of His Children" (1987)

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