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Official logo of the GRULAC

The Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC: Group of Latin America and Caribbean Countries) is a United Nations Regional Group gathering all the Latin American and Caribbean states (17% of all UN members). It is one of the five UN regional groups, the others being the African Group, the Asia-Pacific Group, the Eastern European Group, and the Western European and Others Group (WEOG). It is a non-binding dialogue group where subjects concerning regional and international matter are discussed and its objective is to reach consensus.[1][2] The president of GRULAC is elected for a two years mandate. Since April 2016, the presidency is held by Ramón Custodio from Honduras.[3]


The regular meetings of GRULAC take place in Geneva. The goals of these meetings are to:[4]

  • Share documents on topics of common interest
  • Discuss current topics in relation with international affairs and international organizations
  • Build consensus and common positions
  • Discuss which candidates will be presented for different international positions

The Ambassadors meeting is the most important of the meetings, though it is not a regular meeting and only occurs according to the needs of the moment, such as if important decisions are needed to be taken in other organizations or forums.[5]

The different offices[edit]

The most regular topics discussed by the group in general are human rights, environment, WIPO, ILO, UNCTAD and ITU.

The GRULAC has several offices:

List of member states[edit]

GRULAC comprises the 33 countries listed below:[8]


GRULAC, in 2006, formalized its support to Hunger-Free Latin America and the Caribbean Initiative.[9]