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GS1 Sweden (earlier EAN Sweden) is part of GS1 international (earlier EAN international). GS1 international is a worldwide organisation that works with standards related to distribution. The foundation for the GS1-system is the unique series of digits, identifying products, places and goods. These areas can be concluded in The global language of business. To help reading the series of digits, different types of information carriers are used like barcodes, RFID-tags, data matrices etc. As a member of GS1 international, GS1 Sweden is representing GS1 in Sweden and also listening to the voice of Swedish companies to develop the GS1 standards. GS1 Sweden has today 9,000 customers. GS1 Sweden is also responsible to give EAN codes to Swedish companies.

Code construction[edit]

A GS1-13-code has the following structure:

XXX The three first numbers identifies the country where the code is registered.

Sweden has all numbers starting with 73, 730-739, so all products marked with a 73-code is probably coming from Sweden

XXXXXX The following X digits forms a company prefix identifying the company producing the article
XXX The subsequent digits identifies the product. These numbers are decided by the owner of the company prefix
X The last digit is a check-sum


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