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GS1 US headquarters in Lawrenceville, NJ

GS1 US is the GS1 Member Organization in the United States of America. It was formerly the Uniform Code Council, Inc.

GS1 US is responsible for managing the GS1 System in the USA. GS1 US assigns GS1 Company Prefixes to companies/organizations in the USA. The most common use of a GS1 US assigned GS1 Company Prefix is the creation of Universal Product Codes or UPCs, which contain a 12-digit Global Trade Item Number.

GS1 US publishes the following Electronic Data Interchange guidelines based on the ANSI ASC X12 standard: Industrial/Commercial EDI, Uniform Communication Standard (UCS) (used in the grocery industry), and VICS EDI (used in the general merchandise retail industry).

GS1 US is also the code manager for the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC).


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