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GSM is a European standard for mobile phones.

GSM may also refer to:

Mathematics, science and technology[edit]

  • Grams per square metre, a measure of paper or fabric density
  • Global Shared Memory, computer memory that may be simultaneously accessed by multiple programs
  • Digital files for GSM-like codified voice, like Asterisk (PBX)
  • Digital files used by the company Graphisoft for ArchiCAD library parts, mainly written in Geometric Description Language (GDL)
  • Graduate Studies in Mathematics, a series of mathematics texts published by the American Mathematical Society
  • Generalized Sequential Machine

Ranks and awards[edit]


  • Gameshow Marathon (UK game show), a British television series
  • Gameshow Marathon (US TV series), an American television series based on the British show
  • Ghost Sweeper Mikami, a comedic horror manga series by Takashi Shiina
  • "Gimme Some Money", a single by the heavy metal band Spinal Tap
  • Gamestar Mechanic, a web-based video game design community for kids.
  • Garage Sale Mystery a 2013 film with several sequels

Other uses[edit]