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Original author(s)Steven Greenberg
Final release
2.70a / February 22, 2007; 12 years ago (2007-02-22)
PlatformMicrosoft Windows
TypeVideo file information

GSpot is a Windows-based freeware program designed to identify the codecs used in video files. In addition, the application checks if the required DirectShow filters or Video for Windows codecs are installed and configured for proper playback. While originally created to support AVI, it was expanded to include full support for Ogg and limited support for other commercial container formats, including versions of MPEG, QuickTime, and Windows Media Video. It is still used and is listed by on as one of the few FOURCC identifiers.

Release history[edit]

GSpot 1.0 was released sometime in 2002,[1] with GSpot 2.00a released 1 November 2002.[2] The project stalled after GSpot 2.21 released on 12 July 2003, with a GSpot 2.52 Beta being released and considered stable enough until an update in September 2006 to GSpot 2.60.

After this there were a few new betas released until the last release GSpot 2.70a on 22 February 2007, which supported Windows Vista and new file formats.[3]

See also[edit]

  • MediaInfo - alternative software under active development that can identify newer video formats (i.e. .m2ts files)


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