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Logo of GTFO (video game).png
Developer(s)10 Chambers Collective
Publisher(s)10 Chambers Collective
Director(s)Ulf Andersson
  • Ulf Andersson
  • Hjalmar Vikström
  • Anders Bodbacka
  • Ulf Andersson
  • Hjalmar Vikström
Artist(s)Anders Bodbacka
Writer(s)Adam Gascoine
Composer(s)Simon Viklund
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows

GTFO is a survival horror first-person shooter cooperative game developed by Swedish indie studio 10 Chambers Collective.[1][2] GTFO had its initial release in December 9th, 2019 for Microsoft Windows, on Steam's Early Access to a positive user reception.[3][4][5][6] A full release schedule is yet to be decided.


The Chicxulub Crater was formed 66 million years ago by an asteroid strike that resulted in a mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs. A team of scientists has a plan to drill for rock samples in the area, only to discover that they have unleashed an unimaginable nightmare waiting to roam the world.[7]


GTFO players form a team of four scavengers who are forced to explore the vast underground complex while searching for valuable artifacts. Complicating the process is the presence of hideous monsters, who have overrun the whole area. The players must gather weapons, tools, and resources to survive, and work to unearth the answers about the past and how to escape.[8][9]



GTFO received a warm reception at The Game Awards 2017.[10] A year later, it received an accolade as the Best Cooperative Game at E3 2018 from web site DualShockers.[11] Other sites such as Rock Paper Shotgun and Gamereactor praised it for its horror, atmosphere and gameplay, both considering it among the best games of E3 2018, and considering the game horrifying from their gameplay previews.


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