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GTunnel is a Windows application developed by Garden Networks which sets up a local HTTP or SOCKS proxy server which tunnels traffic through their server farm before it reaches its intended destination.[1]


GTunnel protects Internet users' privacy and freedom of speech in these ways:[1]

  • User's IP address is hidden and user's Internet privacy protected. The destination servers see GTunnel server addresses instead.
  • Traffic content is encrypted with industry-strength algorithms between the user's PC and GTunnel servers so the local filtering/censorship systems will not see the content in clear-text format.

GTunnel version 1.1 provides a standard mode, which is the main working mode and provides the best data transfer performance by connecting to the back-end servers directly, a Skype mode, and a Tor mode that go through computers in these P2P network. GTunnel also has an improved user interface which features real-time traffic graphs.

GTunnel replaces the earlier Garden and G2 client software and becomes the main client software of Garden Networks.

GTunnel works on Linux through Wine support.

A Diagram of GTunnel's Working Modes[edit]

Anti jamming diagram.jpg

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