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GU, Gu, or gu may refer to:




Other uses[edit]

  • , a company that produces a range of desserts
  • GU Energy Labs, a Berkeley, California-based company that produces sports nutrition products
  • Gu (god), a god in Haitian Vodou and Yoruba (Africa) mythology
  • Gu (violin), an early type of violin used in the Shetland Islands, Scotland, also spelled gue or gju
  • gu, the ISO 639-1 language code for the Gujarati language
  • GU, the postal code for Guam
  • GU Comics, an online comic
  • GU4 or GUD (𒄞), "bull" in the Sumerian language
    • Gu-anna, the "Heavenly Bull", the Sumerian name for Taurus
  • Gene Upshaw, an American football player
  • Global Underground, an electronic dance music compilation series
  • Godzilla: Unleashed, a video game
  • .hack//G.U., a video game series
  • GU postcode area, for districts covering west Surrey, north-east Hampshire and a part of West Sussex
  • G.u., Japanese clothing brand
  • Gu, Abbr., 'Orangutan'
  • Geographically Undesirable (Otherwise quite acceptable, if only it was not so inconvenient.) Originally used on dating sites, but now used for housing, employment, shopping, etc.