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A GU24 lamp fitting is a bi-pin connector for compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) or LED lamps that uses a bayonet mount-like twist-lock bi-pin connector instead of the Edison screw fitting used on many incandescent light bulbs.


  • Use of the GU24 fitting provides compliance with a 2008 ruling by the California Energy Commission under Title 24 (California Building Standards Code) to require high-efficiency lighting on all residential remodels and new construction. The GU24 fitting maintains the energy efficiency of the light by preventing an occupant from using an incandescent bulb instead of a CFL. Adapters to use incandescent bulbs in a GU24 fitting are illegal in the State of California as they would be a fire hazard in fixtures designed for the lower heat output of a CFL bulb.[1]
  • The GU24 fitting allows the overall length of the bulb to be shorter since the threaded base is eliminated.
  • Neither of the electrical contacts are exposed during bulb installation or when in service, offering improved protection against electric shock.


  • Requires proper alignment to install, and most bulbs/sockets make alignment more difficult by obscuring the pin orientation.
  • No 3-way lamp support.
  • Incompatibility with other bulb types.
  • Will maintain a price premium while they are mandated in a minority of jurisdictions.


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