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This article is about an aviation mnemonic. For the San Francisco retailer, see Gump's.

GUMPS is an acronym widely used by fixed-wing aircraft pilots as a mental checklist to ensure nothing critical has been forgotten before landing. Its popularity is widespread, appearing in flight student curricula, FAA publications and aviation magazines.[1][2][3]

Due to distraction and preoccupation during the landing sequence approximately 100 gear-up landing incidents occurred each year in the United States between 1998 and 2003.[4]

The checklist[edit]

GUMPS stands for:[5][6]

  • GGas (Fuel on the proper tank, fuel pump on as required, positive fuel pressure)
  • UUndercarriage (landing gear down)
  • MMixture (fuel mixture set)
  • PPropeller (prop set)
  • SSeat belts and Switches (lights, pitot heat, etc) [7]


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