GURPS Cliffhangers

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GURPS Cliffhangers
Publisher(s) Steve Jackson Games
System(s) GURPS

GURPS Cliffhangers is a sourcebook for GURPS.


GURPS Cliffhangers is a GURPS supplement and campaign setting describing pulp-hero adventures in the 1930s. "The Era" covers politics, technology, etc., of the time. "The Settings" briefly describes locations for adventure around the world. "The Hero" describes 16 character types (daredevil, explorer, gangster, masked vigilante, etc.), with new advantages and disadvantages. Other new rules cover equipment, vehicles, and "gadgeteering," creating superscience items. The book also covers scenario design and campaigns and includes an introductory scenario that's continued in Black Diamond 1, Amazon Adventure.[1]

Publication history[edit]

GURPS Cliffhangers was written by Brian J. Underhill, with a cover by Miro Sinovcic and illustrations by Butch Burcham, and was published by Steve Jackson Games in 1989 as a 96-page book.[1]

GURPS Cliffhangers was one of the broad genre books that followed the publication of the GURPS Basic Set.[2]


GURPS Cliffhangers was reviewed in Alarums & Excursions #322.


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