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Gurps Runar.JPG
GURPS Runal cover
Designer(s)Shou Tomono, Group SNE
Publisher(s)Fujimi Shobo
Publication date1992 (1st Edition)

1999 (Perfect Edition)

2005 (Yuel sequel)
System(s)GURPS 3rd Edition

GURPS Runal (ガープス・ルナル) is a role-playing game supplement that was written in Japanese language for the GURPS game rules. It was written by Shou Tomono and Group SNE, then first published in 1992. It was followed in 1994 by GURPS Youmayakou.

Over twenty novels of a series named Runal Saga (ルナル・サーガ) have been published based upon GURPS Runal.[1]

The setting is a fantasy world named Runal that was strongly influenced from RuneQuest. There are seven mysterious Moons grant magic power to worshipers.

The seven colors Moons are worshiped by various people as follows:

  • Blue Moon - The Moon of lawful deities and one of the twins Moons. It is worshiped by dwarves and humans who prefer order and law.
  • Red Moon - The Moon of chaotic deities and one of the twins Moons. It is worshiped by humans who prefer liberty and disorder.
  • White Ring Moon - The Moon of magic. It is worshiped by wizards. It is called ring moon because it when the gods of the Moon left for a higher plane of existence, it split in two forming a ring.
  • Green Moon - The Moon of plants and forests. It is worshiped by elves called Elfa. Elfa culture is similar to the Native Americans'.
  • Wandering Moon - A capricious Moon whose orbit is random and also called the Moon of all colors. It is worshiped by various non-human races.
  • Silver Moon - The Moon of strangeness and madness. It is worshiped by residents of elemental planes and fearful monsters like as creatures of Cthulhu Mythos.
  • Black Moon - The Moon of evil. It is worshiped by demons.

The Rhiado continent is the main land and focus of the game. The strongest nation is the Tor-Addness Empire which is modeled after the Tang Dynasty of China. Its state religion is the worship of the Blue Moon. The Toru-Addness Empire are disputing with neighboring countries which worship the Red Moon.

GURPS Yuel, the sequel of GURPS Runal was released in 2005 as a supplement of GURPS 4th ed.


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