GURPS Vehicles

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GURPS Vehicles
Publisher(s) Steve Jackson Games
System(s) GURPS

GURPS Vehicles is a sourcebook for GURPS. The first edition was published in 1993.


GURPS Vehicles explains how to build and operate an array of conveyances, from sailboats to starships to witches' brooms. Step-by-step instructions show how to select the structural frame, propulsion system, and thrust factor for vehicles such as a nuclear-powered tilt-rotor mini-copter.[1]

The book includes a very mathematical vehicle construction system as part of its complex and intricate mechanics.[2]

Publication history[edit]

GURPS Vehicles was written by David Pulver and published by Steve Jackson Games.[1] After the Secret Service raid on SJG, the company stopped printing adventures for financial reasons, and as a result put out standalone GURPS books; this included more universal books such as GURPS Vehicles.[2]


Rick Swan reviewed GURPS Vehicles for Dragon magazine #205 (May 1994).[1] He comments that the book has "some of the year's most literate writing and meticulous research, courtesy of ace designer David Pulver".[1] Swan concludes that although the material is "presented in GURPS-speak, a referee with a calculator should be able to reconfigure the statistics for other games".[1]

Rick Swan reviewed GURPS Vehicles, Second Edition for Dragon magazine #240 (October 1997).[3] Swan comments: "if you can drive it, fly it, or hitch it to a donkey, you'll find it in GURPS Vehicles, a staggeringly complete collection of conveyances for the GURPS game (but adaptable to other game systems with a little effort). New to this edition are the plethora of starships, a slew of new accessories, and all the nips and tucks necessary to ensure compatibility with GURPS Robots (also by Pulver). But the main attraction remains the same: easy-to-follow guidelines for building game-ready versions of everything from skateboards to time machines."[3]

Reviewed in Arcane #14


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