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For other uses, see Gus (disambiguation).

Gus is a masculine name, often a diminutive for Angus, August, Augustine, or Augustus, and other names (e.g. Aengus, Argus, Fergus, Ghassan, Gustav, Gustave, Gustavo).

As a stand alone masculine name, it derives from the Old Irish word gusmhar or gusair for "strength" or "force" or the root gustu- for "choice"/"chose", with most naming books combining both derivations as "strong choice".

Gus may refer to:


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Stage name[edit]

  • Gus Black, singer-songwriter Anthony Penaloza, formerly known simply as Gus
  • Gus G or Gus Gus, Greek heavy metal guitarist Kostas Karamitroudis (born 1980)

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