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The videography of American heavy metal, punk and shock rock band Gwar

Shimmy Disc Video Compilation V.1 (1988)[edit]

Pustulus performing with Battlecross in 2015

This is a compilation of bands from the Shimmy Disc label which released the band's first record Hell-O. Two Gwar videos are featured - Gwar Theme and Time For Death - as well as footage of the band running loose on the frozen streets of Richmond and destroying a news studio.

Track listing:


  1. Lesbians of Russia
  2. Jimmy


  1. The Box
  2. Take stuff from the office


  1. Dominique
  2. This guy's in love


  1. Bird
  2. Out of the blue


  1. Tugboat


  1. Hymn


  1. Maybe


  1. Hot dog


  1. Shaft
  2. Rock party


  1. Sex gorilla
  2. Daytime


  1. What makes Donna twirl?


  1. Ain't no crime to be stupid


  1. Life's a gas
  2. Pile up all architecture


  1. Gwar theme
  2. Time for death

Rawgwar (1989)[edit]

This was Gwar's first self-released video. It compiles early TV appearances and live performance footage. The tape features the band in early versions of their costumes, as well as characters, such as Cardinal Syn and Techno Destructo. The video was only available on VHS and is now out of print.

The track list includes:

  1. Black And Huge
  2. World 'O' Filth
  3. Slutman City
  4. Bone Meal/Ollie North
  5. I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog)
  6. Americanized
  7. The Years Without Light
  8. Pure As The Arctic Snow
  9. Techno's Song
  10. Ham On The Bone
  11. World 'O' Filth
  12. Captain Crunch
  13. Bone Meal
  14. Ollie North
  15. Death Pod
  16. I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog)
  17. Time For Death
  18. Horror Of Yig
  19. Slaughterama
  20. Sexecutioner
  21. Techno's Song
  22. U Ain't Shit
  23. Vlad The Impaler
  24. Cardinal Syn Theme
  25. U Ain't Shit
  26. Gwar Theme
  27. Captain Crunch
  28. Cool Place To Park

The Next Mutation (1989)[edit]

Also known as RAWGwar: The Next Mutation. This was sold, exclusively, by the band, through their catalog, and not available in stores.

  1. Americanized
  2. Vlad The Impaler
  3. Pure As The Arctic Snow
  4. World 'O' Filth
  5. Sexecutioner
  6. Cool Place To Park
  7. Slutman City
  8. I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog)
  9. Bone Meal
  10. Ollie North
  11. Time For Death
  12. King Queen
  13. Horror Of Yig
  14. Captain Crunch
  15. Death Pod
  16. Techno's Song
  17. U Ain't Shit
  18. Black And Huge

Live from Antarctica (1990)[edit]

Gwar's first commercial video release on the MetalBlade Video label that was sold through major retailers. Billed with them playing a live show in Antarctica the packageing reads as quoted; "For the first time you can enjoy an actual Gwar cannibalistic blood orgy invading the privacy of your own home. Finally you can experience a live performance in relative safety. Those too timid to attend a live Gwar show will appreciate that even though most viewers will suffer permanent brain damage at least they won't get blood all over their latest trendy outfit. Laugh in abject horror as Oderous Urungus, The Sexicutioner, Slymenstra Hymen, and company Rape, Burn, and Pillage their way into your heart. Join them in their never ending quest for exploitational sex and gratuitous violence." First release was on VHS, and the DVD is still available. Running Time: 57:45

  1. Horror of YG
  2. Black and Huge
  3. Years without Light
  4. World of Filth
  5. Americanized
  6. Maggots
  7. Love Surgery
  8. Jaques Cousteau
  9. Dead Dog
  10. Salaminizer
  11. Sexicutioner
  12. Sick of You
  13. Techosong
  14. U Ain't Shit
  15. Cool Place to Park

Phallus in Wonderland (1992)[edit]

This was Gwar's first attempt at a commercially released, long-form movie. The story follows the story of Gwar's conflict with the Morality Squad, after the theft of Oderus' "Cuttlefish". Meanwhile, the giant T-Rex, Gor-Gor is born and helps Gwar defeat the Morality Squad. The video was nominated for a Grammy in 1993. This video remains in print, though the DVD is extremely rare.

  1. Crack In The Egg
  2. Have You Seen Me?
  3. The Road Behind
  4. The Morality Squad
  5. Gor-Gor
  6. Ham On The Bone

All The Sex (1992)[edit]

All The Sex and its companion video Twice The Violence were both sold by Slave Pit, Inc. through mail order. These two videos were later edited together into Tour De Scum for commercial release, although several songs were cut out to shorten it down to 60 minutes.

  1. Salaminizer
  2. Black & Huge
  3. Horror Of Yg
  4. Have You Seen Me?
  5. Sexecutioner
  6. The Morality Squad
  7. U Ain't Shit
  8. Gwar Theme

Twice The Violence (1992)[edit]

Twice The Violence and its companion video All The Sex were both sold by Slave Pit, Inc. through mail order. These two videos were later edited together into Tour De Scum for commercial release, although several songs were cut out to shorten it down to 60 minutes.

  1. Crack In The Egg
  2. Love Surgery
  3. Poor Ol' Tom
  4. Jacques Cousteau
  5. Maggots
  6. Slaughterama
  7. Gor Gor
  8. Sick Of You

Tour De Scum (1992)[edit]

This video is a collection of live footage from the 'Scumdogs of the Universe' tour. As mentioned above, there were originally two 45 minute videos that were sold separately through Slave Pit, Inc. These were compiled together and several songs edited out to create this 60 minute long Metal Blade release. This video is available in the "Gwar DVD Box Set."

  1. The Salaminizer
  2. Crack In The Egg
  3. Love Surgery
  4. Maggots
  5. Horror Of Yig
  6. Have You Seen Me?
  7. Sexecutioner
  8. The Morality Squad
  9. Gwar Theme
  10. Slaughterama
  11. Gor-Gor

TVD (Television Documentary) (1994)[edit]

This tape has early TV appearances including the Joan Rivers show. Released on VHS by the band and is currently out-of-print.

Skulhedface (1994)[edit]

The third Gwar movie, Skulhedface is about an organization called GLOMCO trying to stop Gwar. After a battle with GLOMCO, the organization's leader (played by Jello Biafra) is revealed to be Skulhedface, an alien sent by Cardinal Syn to harvest Jizmogloben (a fictional mineral) from earth. Skulhedface defeats Gwar using the Flesh Column and the band are turned into babies. Gwar tricks Skulhedface into restoring before killing him. This video remains in print.

Return of Techno-Destructo (1996)[edit]

This was another Slave Pit VHS release. There has been some confusion because the name of the tape released in 1996 is also the name of the 1991 short film that is contained within. There were two version of this tape released (both in 1996) - the only difference in the second one was that some editing minor mistakes were corrected.

  1. Hunter Jackson intro
  2. Opening credits (Power Rangers theme)
  3. Techno vs. Tarantulina
  4. Gwar Must Be Destroyed film (1986)
  5. Gwar Theme (live 1988)
  6. Techno Song (live 1989)
  7. U Ain't Shit (live 1989)
  8. Cool Place To Park (live 1989)
  9. Years Without Light (live 1992)
  10. Gilded Lily (live 1992)
  11. Horror Of Yig (live 1992)
  12. Voodoo Summoning (live 1992)
  13. Captain Crunch (live 1992)
  14. Private Pain Of Techno Destructo (live 1992)
  15. Gor Gor (live 1992)
  16. Return Of Techno Destructo film (1991)
  17. Surf Of Syn (video)

Rendezvous with RagNaRok (1997)[edit]

This time, gray aliens land on earth and create a mutant Gwar hybrid. This attracts the attention of Cardinal Syn, and the video finishes with a giant fight between Gwar and Cardinal Syn's minions. This video contains music videos for "Surf of Syn," "Meat Sandwich" and "Saddam-a-go-go." This video is available in the "Gwar DVD Box Set."

  1. Saddam A Go-Go (video)
  2. RagNaRok
  3. Sonderkommando
  4. Whargoul
  5. Meat Sandwich (video)
  6. Think You Outta Know This
  7. Knife In Yer Guts
  8. Fire In The Loins
  9. S.F.W.
  10. Crush, Kill, Destroy
  11. Surf of Syn (video)

Surprising Burst of Chocolaty Fudge (1998)[edit]

A live 1997 halloween performance VHS sold by the band is currently out-of-print.

  1. Salaminizer
  2. Hate Love Songs
  3. Rock N Roll Never Felt So Good
  4. Golden Showers (The Mentors cover)
  5. Have You Seen Me
  6. Maggots
  7. Sexicutioner
  8. Private Pain Of Techno Destructo
  9. Horror Of Yg
  10. Captain Crunch
  11. Sick Of You

Dawn of the Day of the Night of the Penguins (1998)[edit]

One of the more popular Gwar films, this video follows the struggle between Gwar and Techno Destructo. Mixed in the story is an attack of mutant penguins, an appearance of Gor-Gor, BalSac playing the piano, and the bloody death of Techno-Destructo. It was filmed during the Carnival of Gwar tour. It also contains a video for "Penguin Attack." This video is in the "Gwar DVD Box Set".

  1. Je M'Appelle J. Cousteau
  2. Back To Iraq
  3. Crack In The Egg
  4. Sammy
  5. If I Could Be That
  6. Horror Of Yig
  7. Hate Love Songs
  8. The Private Pain Of Techno Destructo
  9. Gor-Gor
  10. Don't Need A Man

It's Sleazy (2000)[edit]

In Gwar's fifth movie, the band appears on Sleazy P. Martini's talk show. Lots of gore and splatter, this video also includes a doomsday prophecy by an ex-Gwar member. This movie is included in the "Gwar DVD Box Set".

This is the last Gwar movie to feature Hunter Jackson, Casey Orr, and Danielle Stampe, as well as the only movie to feature Zach Blair, as members of Gwar. Chuck Varga, who had left Gwar in 1996, immediately following the tours for RagNaRok, had one final appearance.

The Gwarnage Campaign (2002)[edit]

This is a document of Gwar's 2000 tour. This video was sold at shows and through, but was not an official Metal Blade release. It is one of the few concert videos that was not shot and edited by the band - most of this one is actually shot on real film, not just video tape. The only negative thing about this DVD is that they cut out many of the skits between songs, and stuck them at the end as bonus features. This title is currently out of print.

  1. Black And Huge
  2. Ham On The Bone
  3. Sexecutioner
  4. The Salaminizer
  5. Think You Outta Know This
  6. Babyraper
  7. Death Pod
  8. I'm In Love (With A Dead Dog)
  9. Nitro Burnin' Funny Bong
  10. Penguin Attack
  11. Have You Seen Me?
  12. War Toy
  13. Jagermonsta
  14. Saddam A Go-Go
  15. The Private Pain Of Techno Destructo
  16. Crush, Kill, Destroy
  17. Sick Of You
  18. Maggots
  19. Slaughterama

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Bush vs. Gore vs. Sleazy
  2. Dropped Out Of The Race?
  3. That Kid From Nowhere
  4. Warm Bile
  5. Love Surgery
  6. As Pure As The Arctic Snow

Blood Drive 2002 (2002)[edit]

This is a document of Gwar's 2002 tour. According to Don Drakulich (Sleazy P. Martini) who filmed and edited this show, only 200 copies were made on VHS tape and sold at shows. Due to fan demand, Drakulich is preparing a DVD release from his original masters, which will be sold through his Hypereal Productions web page.

  1. Battlelust
  2. Salaminizer
  3. Abyss of Woe
  4. Apes of Wrath
  5. Death Pod
  6. Biledriver
  7. King Queen
  8. Licksore
  9. Black and Huge
  10. Immortal Corruptor
  11. Babyraper
  12. The Wheel
  13. Maggots
  14. Bloody Mary
  15. Horror of Yg
  16. Gor-Gor
  17. Sick of you
  18. Road Behind
  19. Happy Death Day

Ultimate Video Gwarchive (2002)[edit]

A collection of all the Gwar videos to date, plus the video made for the DVD Immortal Corruptor. This DVD is currently still in print and available through the band, label, and/or various retail stores.

  1. Immortal Corrupter
  2. Nitro-Burnin' Funny Bong
  3. Fuckin' An Animal
  4. Don't Need A Man
  5. Penguin Attack
  6. Surf Of Syn
  7. Meat Sandwich
  8. Saddam A Go-Go
  9. Jack The World
  10. The Insidious Soliloquy Of Dr. Mr. Mrs. Prof. Skulhedface
  11. Have You Seen Me?
  12. Crack In The Egg
  13. Gor-Gor
  14. The Road Behind
  15. Sick Of You
  16. Cool Place To Park

War Party Tour 2004 (2004)[edit]

Released on Gwar's 2004 "Mock the Vote" tour, this limited DVD is basically a live show in 2004, with some similar concepts (and at the time, the first hearings of songs from War Party) from said tour. Some people had thought of this release as a more modern Live From Antarctica. Unlike Live From Antarctica, this DVD was limited in release to the latter "Mock the Vote" concerts in 2004 and 2005. In June 2007, Don Drakulich (Sleazy P. Martini) began selling a new DVD-R pressing of this show through his Hyperreal Productions web page. The 2007 version featured new menus and corrected audio problems that were found in the original.

  1. Ham on the Bone
  2. Battlelust
  3. Salaminizer
  4. Womb with a View
  5. Apes of Wrath
  6. Crack in the Egg
  7. Bring Back the Bomb
  8. Martyrdumb
  9. Biledriver
  10. Lost Gods
  11. Can't Kill Terror
  12. Licksore
  13. Decay of Grandeur
  14. GOR-GOR
  15. Bonesnapper
  16. Immortal Corrupter
  17. Maggots
  18. Arctic Snow

Blood Bath And Beyond (2006)[edit]

Available on DVD June 20, 2006. It includes brand new videos, rare old stuff, and some live footage. There is a pornographic movie, starring Oderus Urungus and Sexecutioner, and is set to a demo of Sick of You, looped without any vocals. Also included is a very old video to Poor Ole Tom, directed by Dave Brockie. The main content of the movie is set up like an award show, where Oderus and Sleazy P. Martini reminisce with montages. They are the only two members of Gwar to actually make appearances, save a brief cameo by Balsac the Jaws of Death at the end, though some of the other Slave Pit Inc. employees are featured.

The announcer at the awards show is played by Chris Bopst, who was the first person to play BalSac the Jaws of Death.

Green screen animation/compositing, opening animations and additional camera work was done by Ken Jordan, a fellow VCU Art School student during Gwar's conception. Ken was a classmate of Michael Derks in the Music School for one year and a fellow Art School student of SlavePit foreman Bob Gorman in high school and at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Beyond Hell Live (2007)[edit]

Don Drakulich has announced that the band's next DVD will be edited from footage he has shot on the 2006 Beyond Hell tour and is expected to be released later this year after.

  1. Intro
  2. War Is All We Know
  3. Murderers Muse
  4. Saddam-A-Go-Go
  5. Go To Hell
  6. I Love The Pigs
  7. Tormentor
  8. Meat Sandwich
  9. Destroyed
  10. Bring Back The Bomb
  11. The Ultimate Bohab
  12. Eighth Lock
  13. Immortal Corrupter
  14. The One Who Will Not Be Named
  15. Gor Gor
  16. Back In Crack
  17. Happy Death Day

bonus: backstage footage

The Dim Times (2008?)[edit]

Don Drakulich has also announced that after Beyond Hell Live is completed, he plans to use the profits from its sales to fund the Dim Times documentary, which will chronicle the earliest days of the band and feature interviews with original members from the 1985-89 period.

Lust In Space – Live At The National (2010)[edit]

The footage for the DVD was filmed at the National Theater in Richmond, Virginia and chronicles Gwar's return to outer space in search of its old Scumdog legion and its battle against Cardinal Syn. The disc contains the band's full 82-minute set, the 10-minute "Behind The Murder" mockumentary, plus a special "features" section, including interview extras, a behind-the-scenes look at special F/X being filmed and a slideshow featuring band shots from the album cover.

The full track listing is as follows:

  1. Metal Metal Land
  2. Saddam A Go Go
  3. Lords and Masters
  4. Apes of Wrath
  5. Tormentor
  6. Where Is Zog?
  7. Womb With A View
  8. Let Us Slay
  9. Maggots
  10. Immortal Corruptor
  11. The Price of Peace
  12. Lust In Space
  13. Bring Back The Bomb
  14. Have You Seen Me?
  15. Sick Of You